Hey everyone,


Sorry that it has taken me a little longer than usual to post, but no worries I am back.  We lost a tough game tonight in 12 innings, so that is the reason for the late night posting.


As you can tell by the subject line, it is now officially the month of July, and the season seems to be flying by.  July is a very important month for me, the reason for that is because July basically ruined my season last year. It was a horrible month for me, I pitched so poorly, and eventually resulted in my moving to the bullpen.  This was also the point at which my body started to break down, which was probably a cause of the poor pitching.  While I feel that my body is much more ready to go through a full season, I still want to make sure that I can pitch effectively for an entire season. 


Well I am going to keep this one short because I have to get some rest as I am pitching tomorrow. I will try to post tomorrow night after the game. Until later.




  1. johnstowncheifsgirl2519@gmail.com

    Just wanted to wish you guys luck tonight!
    hope to see you guys win =]
    good luck pitching tomorrow night!

  2. brian921

    I understand the concern about July because of the past, but I also know they have changed how they work you as per Joe Kerrigan’s pitching philosophies. You’re not pitching high pitch counts as before, so you won’t get used up.

    You’re on a great development path, and you can see how much better you’ve gotten. You’ve conquered that mountain. At this point, July can only be bad news if you let it.

    Go get em, tiger!

    And Go Wheeling Nailers!

  3. gjs867

    Dan, Congrats on making the all-star game. You deserve it for your stellar pitching… And your blog is Hall of Fame worthy

  4. brian921

    All-Star game? I missed that news…. but hey it just reaffirms what we’re all saying, and validates the tremendous progress you’ve made. It has *not* gone un-noticed. You can be sure not just Kerrigan but JR, Neil Huntington and Frank Coonelly are aware, too.

    Congrats, Moskie!

  5. falseaccount@yahoo.com

    Do you know of a way for those of us in the burgh to follow the games down there? It would be nice to follow live. Anyway, hopefully all the work you’re putting in starts to pay off in terms of surviving the grind. It’s progress, even if you aren’t at the final destination yet.
    seems like a lot of movement in the system these days. Is it tough to get to know new people that come in? Or are you guys stuck together enough that you can’t help but get to know them. That’s one thing that those of us in the 9-5 world have a hard time understanding, I think. Not only the turnover, but the fact that at any minute you could be uprooted to a new city, or even organization. As a creature of habit, that would be a little unsettling to me.

  6. Daniel Moskos

    Thank you everyone for the congratulations on the all star game, I am very excited about it, and it is a tremendous honor to be selected.

    False Account- For following our games, I would probably just check out the Atoona Curve website, I am pretty sure that is how my parents do it. There should be a link for radio coverage.

    Thats a very good question. Its probably more of the latter. We are around each other so much that you just get to know each other. We also have some pretty good guys on our team so that makes it alot easier. It can be unsettling knowing that you could be up and gone at any second, but you know that when you get into this business.

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