Triple Play

Hey everyone,


Well I am back from the all-star break, and it was a ton of fun.  It was really a cool experience, and it was really cool to get to play with guys from other teams around the league.  The first night we were there we went on a dinner cruise down the Delaware River, followed by a party at the Yankee club inside of the stadium.  The second day was a long day. We got to the field at noon, where we had lunch. Then we hit batting practice at around 2.  After that we had a 2 hour autograph signing, followed by the home run derby, and then the game.  We won the game 5-3, and after the game they had a party for us at the Marriott hotel.  The next day was a long day of travel, and we didn’t get back to the Altoona stadium until 4 in the afternoon. 


So like the title says, our first game back I saw the first triple play that I have ever seen.  It was the first inning, runners on first and second, and there was a line out to the second baseman that looked like it could have hit the ground.  It was a catch, and then threw to second and on to first for a triple play.  I was sitting in the stands and couldn’t believe it.  It was pretty crazy.


Well I pitch tomorrow at 6:05 against the Harrisburg Senators.  So I will be back with a breakdown of the outing shortly after. Until then everybody take care.





    I was at the Curve game Thursday night and was sitting in the GA bleachers by 1st base. That triple play was kind of crazy. Like you said, Tabata’s hit was such a soft and low line drive Hernandez and Negrych were in no man’s land no matter what they did.

    When the 2B threw it to the SS and then on to 1B we looked at each other and said, “Hey, that was a triple play, wasn’t it?” It was like the crowd was either stunned or confused–not much of a reaction. It’s the first triple play I’ve ever seen at a game.

    Congrats on the All-Star game appearance (sounds like it was a great experience) and good luck in your start tomorrow. I hope to make it up from Pittsburgh to see you pitch one of these times this year–I keep missing your starts. I’ve seen Lincoln, Bloom (twice), Herrera, and even Sean Smith (game 2 of a DH)

  2. gjs867

    6 innings, ONE HIT!!!!!!!

    Terrible performance Dan, just terrible. jk.

    Keep up the good work, and get to the bigs quick, because I want to use you in MLB The Show!


    Hey Daniel, I’m glad the All Star Game was a good experience. As promised, I have some photos for you (and, of course, anyone else who wants to see them.) I included mainly Altoona guys, because I figured that’s who most people on this blog would be interested in. Slideshow: And the same pics individually with captions: ~Stacey

  4. Daniel Moskos

    Oj- That was the same reaction that we had in the stands. It was like, did he catch that, oh no thats a triple play. I think it went right over the heads of most of the fans. It was the first triple play I have seen as well. Hopefully you make it to down to Altoona, we are starting to play some pretty good baseball.

    Thank you Julia

    Gjs- Hahaha thanks man. When you wrote that all I could think of was you saying it in a Charles Barkley voice. If you haven’t seen Frank Calliendo’s impersonation of Charles Barkley, then you need to you tube it immediately. It is absolutely hilarious. You will understand what I am talking about when you watch it, if you haven’t already seen it.

    Wow Stacey thank you so much for those pictures. They are awesome.

    Thank you very much Shamtown

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