May 2009

Rainy Pennsylvania

Hey Everyone,


I am back with a new post.  I took my girlfriend to the airport last night, unfortunately, but it was good to have her here.  And as my post indicates, we were rained out, again.  It seems like every homestand we have at least 1 game rained out, and sometimes several games.  Now I lived in Hawaii, which is supposed to recieve the most precipitation each year, but I have never seen it rain like it does here in Altoona.


Anyways, so my last outing was pretty bad.  The only thing I really did well was battled through 6 innings, and did a decent job of some damage control.  Had to be one of my worst outings this year, and you are going to have outings like this throughout the season.  I will make sure that I am better next time out. 


On a lighter note, I did see Angels and Demons, and I thought that it was pretty amazing. I really liked the movie, and it was pretty much as well as you could have made a movie out of that book.  The next movies that I would like to see are the Hangover and Land of the Lost.  Those both look pretty funny, and I am a big fan of comedy movies. 


Well I am gonna wrap this up so that I can go watch the Buccos game, or the Penguins game if they get rained out.  Maybe both if I can figure out how to get PIP (picture in picture) to work on my tv. 

Take care


Rain Out

Hey everyone,


Well I am back with another post, the second game of our scheduled double header was rained out.  It seems like it rains everyday in Altoona.  We won the first game 8-0 to snap the 2 game losing skid.  We have really been playing well lately, but the Akron Aeros seem to have our number.  I guess they have only 8 games on the year, so they might have everyones number. 

So my last outing went ok, I kinda struggled with my command, but was able to make some pitches when I needed to in order to get out of some jams.  My final line looked a little better than the way I threw, 6 innings pitched and only 1 earned run.  Again we had a really good bullpen session this week.  So I am not too worried about it. I have to keep working hard in those bullpen sessions, they are very important for me.  On the hitting side of things, I put my first ball into play, and actually barreled it up and hit it pretty hard.  It was a groundout, but the shortstop had to make a really good play.


The next time I pitch is the first game in Bowie, that will be on Tuesday, as we have a day off on Monday.  Also, my girlfriend is in town for the next week or so, so my posts might not bee that frequent, but I will respond to comments and stuff.


Last topic for this post, has anybody seen Angels and Demons yet, I was a huge fan of the book when I read it, and will definitely go see the movie.  Please feel free to post your reviews. Well thats all for today ladies and gentlemen.  Hope everybody has, or is having a great weekend.



A League Of Their Own

Hey Everyone,


A couple of topics for this post.  First of all, there is a Royal’s blog done by Chris “Disco” Hayes, and his blog is pretty much amazing. I reccomend everyone to go check it out.  I recently checked it out, and there is some really good stuff on his blog, he is really funny and quite the character.


The second topic is my most recent outing.  It was by far the best of the season, and probably the most comfortable that I have felt on the mound.  The mechanical changes that we worked on in between starts really paid off.  I was through 6 innings in 74 pitches, and ready to go back out for the 7th, but I was pinch hit for because it was a 1-1 game, and we had a scoring opportunity.  Which brings me to my next point, hitting.  Its really tough, and I have a lot of work to do.  I looked terrrible at the plate, if I had looked a little better, they might have let me hit for myself.  Either way, it was a very good outing, and a very encouraging step in my career.  The fact that I was able to fix my mechanics in one outing gives me a boatload of confidence.


Ok so on to the real topic of this post. The movie A League of Their Own, a true story about war-time America where they created a women’s baseball league to replace major league baseball.  In the movie there is a character by the name of Betty Spaghetti.  Well today after our afternoon game in Reading, I was fortunate enough to meet the real life person that portrayed in the movie.  While we were sitting on the bus waiting to leave for Harrisburg, she walked onto the bus and introduced herself.  It was very cool, and a really exciting experience.


Well thats all I have for today guys and girls.


More Updates

Hey everyone,


So as you could tell by the box score from my last outing it was a struggle.  I gave up four runs in the first inning and threw 31 pitches in the process.  I then went 5 innings throwing only 54 pitches after that.  The most upsetting part about the outing was that I was informed that I had reverted back to old mechanics.  That is something that is unacceptable to me, and something that I will make sure to fix.  Today I had a very good bullpen session in which we corrected those problems.  Hopefully I can take them from the bullpen out to the mound.  A few encouraging things from the outing were that I broke like 8 bats, unfortuanately a few of them were hits. And I also got better as the outing went on, which led my pitching coach to the idea that I need to do a better job before the game, in order to make sure that I am ready to pitch from the first inning.


So that is it for baseball talk for this post.  One thing that I would like to talk about is reading.  I am pretty sure we talked about favorite authors earlier this year. However, I just started reading this book that is awesome.  One of the best reads so far.  So without judging me, it is entitled The Electric Koolaid Acid Test and is written by Tom Wolfe.  If anybody has any must read books please feel free to let me know.


Ok last topic before I take off, is the NBA playoffs, and more specifically the Celtics and Bulls.  How insane was that series?  I mean every game except for the one blowout was a great game.  This is coming from someone who very rarely watches pro basketball and couldn’t even tell you every team’s starting line ups that are still left in the playoffs.  But so far these games have ignited an interest in pro basketball.  Anybody else that has an opinion feel free to reply.


Well thats all for now  so until later,