Hey Everyone,


I just got back from the game tonight, the game last just over four and a half hours.  So it was another late night, and unfortunately the game was as the title states.  We had a pitcher take a line drive off the shin, another pitcher took a line drive off his bare hand on a ball that he tried to catch, and we had our two middle infielders collide on a ground ball up the middle.  I also had to watch one of my good friends be taken to the hospital on a stretcher.  To rub it in, we lost the game on a game winning grand slam.  It was a terrible night, one that I would like to forget as soon as possible.  Now I can only hope that everyone is ok.  That is all for now.




  1. scp23

    Wow…I’m really sorry to hear about everything that happened in tonight’s game. I read a little about it online in the Altoona paper too. I’m definitely keeping your injured teammates in my thoughts and hoping everyone’s ok. It’s scary whenever anyone goes to the hospital, but it can also be reassuring to remember that he’s in good hands there and the experts are giving him lots of care and attention. They know better than anyone how to get him back to 100% as soon as possible.

  2. gjs867

    It’s very upsetting about Negrych, I hope he can recover quickly, and his future, in baseball or anything else, will not be harmed by this injury.

    I also hope Brian Friday isn’t in bad shape. I didn’t get any word on what condition he’s in.

    Stay Healthy Dan!

  3. pghron

    I had the opportunity to meet Jim and his parents at Delmarva when he was in A ball. He was kind enough to give my 9 year old son an autographed ball. We will keep his full recovery in our prayers…

    How do you think the recent trades affect your career path?

    I think it creates a better plan for you!

  4. Daniel Moskos

    Thanks for all the kind words guys, you all have been great. As you might have read, Jim had surgery and will miss the rest of the season, but he is supposed to recover fully. That is good news.

    PGH- I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and think about that. But it is a very good question. I am honestly still not sure what the plan for me is just yet. So I might have to get back to you on that one.

  5. isingg30

    I hear you got put on the DL. Sorry to hear about that. All of us Pirate fans sure are hoping to see you get healthy so you can continue your season.

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