August 2009

Rain delay

Hey everyone,

so it seems that hurrican bill is causing some bad weather, and I am writing this post from the clubhouse in Bowie during a rain delay.

sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I have alot to write about.
So the last time I posted was in Portland. I had an awesome off day there, I was able to get some lobster and explore downtown on the waterfront.

The next thing I have to write about is my outing in new Hampshire. It was pretty much awful. I couldn’t throw strikes, and the few that I did got hit. Worst outing of the year by far.

My next outing was also against new Hampshire, but it was at home. This outing was pretty much the exct opposite. I was able to throw whatever pitch, wherever I wanted to. I worked ahead in the count all night, and was able to pitch 8 innings for the first time in my career.

My next outing was in Harrisburg and it was a noon game. It was quite hot and quite humid at the onset of the game. The first couple innings were shaky, but i was able to settle in and get into a rythym. I was also able to have a couple quick innings to get back into my pitch count. The key to my success for this game was my ability to pitch in. Pitching in has been a huge key to my success all year, but especially so in my last outing. In the seventh inning the temperature cooled off dramatically, and it started pouring rain. It got so bad that the umpire at third base slipped and fell down twice. I couldn’t believe they didn’t call the game, but I was able to get through the inning. And right after they put the tarp on and eventually called the game. This gave me my first complete game of my career, even if it was rain shortened it is still exciting.

Well that is all that I have for now guys. Should have a decision on the game soon, and it isntime to wrap this one up. Until later everyone take care.


Good News/ Bad News

Hey Everyone,


So as some of you might have read, I have landed myself on the disabled list, that’s the bad news.  The good news is that it is only a blister on my finger that is causing it, and that I will make a start either Thursday or Friday.  In my opinion I don’t feel that a trip to the DL is necessary, but it isn’t up to me. 


As for everything else, the Curve are playing some pretty good baseball of late.  I do not believe that we have lost a series dating back to right before the all-star break when we lost to Bowie.  I could be wrong on that though. 


We leave for Portland tomorrow, out longest bus trip of the year.  I believe just over 10 hours, yikes.  However, we are leaving after the game, and we have an off day the next day, so I should get to explore a new town.  I have been told that Portland is a great place, and that you can get great lobster.  Each of which is good news. 


An update on my last outing really quick.  I was able to work out of a few jams early, and eventually settle in.  The blister on my finger developed during my pre game bullpen, however, I don’t think that it really affected me too much during the game.  Despite the 5 walks, I thought I actually threw the ball pretty well.  Fortunately I was able to evade too much damage, only surrendering 1 run, and doing just enough to earn a win.


Well that is all for now, I will be back later with an update on Portland.  Until then everyone take care.