About Daniel Moskos

my name is daniel moskos. im 6’1″ 205 pounds. i was born on april 28th, 1986. outside of playing baseball i enjoy golfing, music, television, etc.

i have had a girlfriend for about 3 years now, her name is cameron.

one interesting thing about me is that i have lived all over the country growing up. we moved around all over the place due to my fathers job. and no im not an army brat, he is a civil engineer, and when he got moved to a new project we moved with him. ok so i was born in greenville, south carolina. but only lived there for about 2 months. next it was on to snellville, georgia for a few years. then i was off to tallahassee, florida for the next couple years. next it was back to georgia, except this time it was lawrenceville for another few years. at this time i was about 7 or 8 years old, not sure of the exact date, hahah wow. at this point it was off to oahu, hawaii for the next 3 years of my life. this was by far my favorite place live. i dont think i have to explain why, im sure everybody understands. so unfortuantely after 3 years our family had to move again. this time it was california. rancho cucamonga to be exact. this is where i really grew up. i went to middle school and high school here, and finally settled down. some of my best friends from high school are tim lacomb, lonnie browne, matt canty, and eric vasquez. they are a great group of guys. ok so before i get too sidetracked. next it was on to clemson for college. a great 3 year experience, i loved the school, my teammates, everything about it.

as im sure everybody knows i was the pirates first round pick in 2007, but we are not getting into that again, hahahahha. and now i currently reside in bradenton, fl which is home of pirate city and the pittsburgh pirates minor league spring training. im down here throwing and working out, as well as playing the occasional round of golf. spring training starts officially on march 5th, and im eager to begin the new season.

well thats about all i can tolerate typing about myself for now, if anybody has any more questions about me, please feel free to ask


BASEBALL, college football, basketball, music, fashion, golf, tv(i love the different seasons) which we will definitely have discussions about, movies, occasional video games, clemson athletics, pittsburgh, and alot more