The Town We Are in is Named Mystic

Hey Everyone,

Yup the subject should tell it all, we are in Mystic, Connecticut.  What a name for a town.  The hotel in New Britain didn’t have internet, so I have been out of the loop for the past few days.  They didn’t have internet, but they did have great beds, so I will take that. 

Ok so some good news to start this post off.  My mom and my sister are coming to see me on this leg of the trip.  I haven’t seen either of them in about four months, so it will be good to spend some time with them.  Also we are only fifteen minutes from the largest casino in the world if I am not mistaken.  So we might actually have something to do while they are here. 

So my last outing was a pretty decent one. The longest of the year so far, and I am pretty happy with the way I pitched.  I was also very happy with my mechanics and my arm slot because that is what has caused inconsistency this year.  I gave up 2 runs, one of them on the longest home run I think I have ever given up, and the other on a bloop single.  I was also getting alot more fly balls the other day, which is prety abnormal for me.  However, it was not indicative of the way the game was going.  Usually if I am giving up alot of fly ball outs its because I am up in the zone and probably getting hit hard.  These fly balls were more of the lazy variety and were a result of fastballs in on the hands, and change ups low and away. 

The last note for the the day, has anybody seen the movie the hangover yet.  I haven’t seen it, but everybody says its the funniest movie they have ever seen.  Anybody with some input feel free to let me know.  My next outing is back at home in Altoona on Tuesday.  I will be back around then as always. 



  1. pandaman29

    Hey Daniel, glad to hear you are continuing to fine tune your mechanics and appear to be locking in on getting guys out. I, like you I’m sure, was upset to see the disappointing way the CU baseball season ended but it was promising to see the team battle back in the regional to knock off OK State. I have a few questions about some general things. Does it bother you or how do you react when people, weather they be kids or adults, go about asking for you autograph in a disrespectful or rude manor? Some guys handle it well and some guys return the favor and can be rude back. Does this bother you or do you try and stay positive with the fans? Also, what has been your favorite minor league city to either play in or visit in your career so far? And without trying to step on anyone in the Pirates organization, what was your view on the Nate McLouth trade. The prospects recieved from the Braves should help the Pirates in the future but McLouth seemed to be doing well this year and last year. I understand if you prefer not to answer as to not get on anyones bad side.

    Thanks and good luck

  2. kinger87


    Hangover = HILARIOUS flick. I’d recommend you see it for sure.

    If you like movies like rather vulgar very funny comedies like Old School, Wedding Crashers, Anchor Man, etc. you’ll love it.

    Just make sure you stick around for the credits….there’s a pretty hilarious surprise just waiting for ‘ya there.



    First of all…great outing in New Britain last week, it was a bummer to see you not get the W, but great to see you throw so well.

    Second of all, you should blame Zangrilli, he should have invited you guys. After all you can eat wings at TD Homers we went to see The Hangover. Instant Classic, I highly recommend checking it out.

    You’re right about the casino’s…you’re right by both Mohegan Sun and Foxwood, they’re the 2nd and 3rd largest casino’s in the world. Hopefully you guys were able to celebrate today’s win at one or the other.

  4. Daniel Moskos

    Carson- I was dissapointed with the way the season ended for the Tigers. I hnestly thought that they should have swept through their regional. We didn’t lose a single regional game my 3 years at Clemson. However, I also thought they would play ASU closer than they did. I already stated that I completely understand the trade by the Pirates, and don’t disagree with it at all. It is tough to get rid of a guy like Nate, but you are not going to rebuild this organization with one player, it needs players like the guys we got. Also I don’t really have a problem with fans asking me for autographs, I always sign and never really get an attitude.

    Julia you continue to stand by Star Trek, I might have to give in and go see it.

    Kinger it sounds like the hangover is right up my alley. I am going to see it soon.

    Patrick- Thank you for the kind words. Yea he should have invited me, but I was pretty locked in on the all you can eat wings. I was not able to make it to the casinos, but always celebrate wins, because I hate losing.

  5. aso513

    I’m gonna break some news to you Moskie, quietly Pirate fans are starting to come around when they hear your name. A ton of excitement with you and Brad pitching well. I’m pulling for you to make the EL All-Star game, I’ll keep voting for you. Good luck tonight, keep getting the fans in your corner.

  6. Daniel Moskos

    Aso- Thank you for informing me of that. I am glad that I am a player that fans can get excited about. I am also glad to have fans such as yourself, and I will continue to work hard so that fans can continue to get excited.

    Thank you Brian

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