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Hey Everyone,


Well we are finally back home, and it is for only three days.  Surprise, surprise it is raining here in Altoona.  We did get our game in tonight, but it also reained the entire game.  Its getting to be pretty ridiculous how much it rains here. 


Tomorrow we have a double header against Akron, the first game features a match up of Brad Lincoln versus Jake Westbrook.  That should be a fun one to watch. 


We have also arrived at another favorite time of yearof mine in terms of sports.  College baseball playoffs.  The two teams I will be pulling for this year are the Clemson Tigers of course, and the Florida Gators.  My pitching coach from college is now the head coach there and so I wish him the best.  College baseball is played with so much passion and energy that it is hard not to love watching it. 


The last topic for today is going to be my last outing.  The best word I can think to describe it is erratic.  My stuff was pretty good for the most part, but my command just wasn’t very good.  This led to alot of strike outs and alot of walks.  The hits came too, but there weren’t that many of them that were hit well.  A couple ground balls with eyes, and a few bloop singles.  The hardest hit balls of the night both went for lineouts to the second baseman. 


One mroe final note, how bout Randy Johnson, still doing it.  He had to wait through a couple rain delays that lasted for several hours, but he did get win number 300.  At this point its just another notch on his belt of a hall of fame career, but good for him.


Well that is all for today guys, my next outing will be in New Brittain, and I will probably have another post sometime around then.  So until then, take care.




  1. shamtown

    Wow both Clemson and Florida went down. Both of those Florida games were awesome. Not sure who I’m going to root for yet, I love this time of year.

  2. gjs867

    How’s your new teammate, Gorkys? Does he speak English?

    I saw you had a good outing last time, congrats! I think if you keep this up, you’ll definately be in the top 100 prospects list for next year.

  3. Daniel Moskos

    Thank you Julia.

    Shamtown I know, while I think that ASU was probably the better team in that series, I think that Florida was definitely the better team in the other series. Great games, but Southern Miss is really hot right now, look out for them moving forward. For now I will pull for Virginia, they are a scrappy team with alot of good pitching.

    Gorkys is a good teammate and an even better player. He covers an insane amount of ground in the outfield, its gonna be fun to have him out there.

    I am gonna reply to a couple of coments from my last post on here.

    First of all I do need to learn how to get out of the way. And the Trenton mound was the largest I have ever pitched on. Their fan turn out was also very impressive.

    Personally I really like the Mclouth trade. It is tough to get rid of a guy like Nate because he is a very good player, and a great clubhouse guy. However, we are trying to restock this organization with talent, and you are going to have to give up guys in order to do that. I think we got alot of talent out of this trade, and you will see that in the years moving forward.

  4. gjs867

    Dan, thanks a lot for the comment on the trade. It proves that you are an intelligent person and you understand Huntington’s plan. I agree with your opinion so much, and am glad your not an Adam LaRoche about it.

  5. aso513

    You’re stud buddy, great start today. Noticed the groundball ratio probably wasn’t what you’d like. Gotta be encouraging to get these results without the groundball on your side.


    Hey, saw your face on TV during the Pirates broadcast. Congrats! I’m glad to see you getting some recognition for the work you’ve been doing.
    As for the trade, I would tend to agree with you. You are in the position to get to see the return first-hand and I think that helps a lot. I don’t think people should be too tough on LaRoche or any of the other major leaguers. I was actually happy to see that kind of talk from them. It means that they do care about winning right now and they did see a good friend and ball player taken away from them. It’s only natural and most importantly they haven’t given up on the season because of it.

  7. aso513

    I’m gonna break some news to you Moskie, but quietly Pirate fans are starting to come around when they hear your name. A ton of excitement with you and Brad pitching well. I’m pulling for you to make the EL All-Star game, I’ll keep voting for you. Good luck tonight, keep getting the fans in your corner.

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