Congrats to the Penguins

Hey Everyone,

Well I just got back from the gym, and I have a little extra time because surprise surprise its raining in Altoona.  I walked into the gym at 9 45 and it was beautiful outside, the sun was shining.  I come out of the gym at 11 and what do you know, it looks like the day after tomorrow storm has arrived and its pouring outside.  I swear the Northeast region doesn’t have seasons.  Anyways, onto the topic of the post.


I know that it is a little late, but congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  They took home the Stanley Cup, in Detroit, and got to rub it in the face of Marion Hossa while they were at it.  They showed alot of toughness being able to pull this one off, and it is a great thing for the city of Pittsburgh.  Two world champions in one year.


Now onto my outing from last night, if you just look at the box score it looks like a pretty rough night for myself.  But that wasn’t necessarily the entire story.  Now it wasn’t a great outing by any means, but it was quite frustrating.  I gave up 8 hits in 5 innings, and honestly only 2 of the balls were hit well.  Four of hits were from broken bats, and resulted in flare singles, and 1 double.  I did a pretty good job of limiting the damage because things could have been worse, and I wanted to make sure not to waste the effort that our hitters made.  They did a great job last night.  I was also back to my normal self with 13 groundball outs and only 2 fly outs.  While I was a little wild, walking four batters, I was missing down and not up in the zone which I can live with.


Well thats all for today, time to grab some lunch and then head to the field.





  1. jonnnnnn

    It was a heck of a game… I’m really not a hockey fan but even I was on the edge of my seat there… of course I was at the bucco game the night of game 7, but I got to the Bettis Grill in time to watch the last couple minutes.

  2. gjs867

    I saw you were pitching tonight, so I checked the box score and see you gave up 5 runs. I was shocked and thought, “I didn’t know Dan was human.” Then I see there was only 1 earned run, and I thought “why isn’t this guy promoted?”

    Anyways, I heard your getting a new teammate, I forget his name, I think it’s something like Pedro Allaverdes, jk. I have heard that he’s a very fun guy to be around, and I hope you enjoy the boost of offense.

    Having Gorkys, Tabata, Alvarez, and yourself makes Altoona the Pirates most exciting minor league team, at least in terms of prospects.

  3. Daniel Moskos

    Gjs- That’s pretty funny. I don’t know about the promotion though, I can’t really worry about stuff like that. I just have to continue to work hard and get better. My job is to get hitters out, so thats all I am going to focus on. I think that our line up definitely just got a huge boost. I really like Pedro, I have played with him before, and I know that he is a great guy. Our team should be fun to watch.

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