Rainy Pennsylvania

Hey Everyone,


I am back with a new post.  I took my girlfriend to the airport last night, unfortunately, but it was good to have her here.  And as my post indicates, we were rained out, again.  It seems like every homestand we have at least 1 game rained out, and sometimes several games.  Now I lived in Hawaii, which is supposed to recieve the most precipitation each year, but I have never seen it rain like it does here in Altoona.


Anyways, so my last outing was pretty bad.  The only thing I really did well was battled through 6 innings, and did a decent job of some damage control.  Had to be one of my worst outings this year, and you are going to have outings like this throughout the season.  I will make sure that I am better next time out. 


On a lighter note, I did see Angels and Demons, and I thought that it was pretty amazing. I really liked the movie, and it was pretty much as well as you could have made a movie out of that book.  The next movies that I would like to see are the Hangover and Land of the Lost.  Those both look pretty funny, and I am a big fan of comedy movies. 


Well I am gonna wrap this up so that I can go watch the Buccos game, or the Penguins game if they get rained out.  Maybe both if I can figure out how to get PIP (picture in picture) to work on my tv. 

Take care



  1. scp723@aol.com

    I miss having PIP on my TV so much…haha.

    Sent you an email about the Trenton series.


  2. shamtown

    I don’t know how to use my PIP either so don’t feel bad.

    I think the Pens are going to bring home the Cup in 6 games. If Malkin shows up it will be a huge improvement over his finals performance last year.

  3. Daniel Moskos

    Yea I have no clue how to work my tv. And of course I don’t know where the instruction manual is. Yea Malkin definitely needs to show up this time around, he was a huge disappointment last year.

  4. juliasrants

    My husband takes care of getting PIP for me! lol! I’m glad you liked Angels and Demons! I really enjoyed it also. If you haven’t seen Star Trek (even if you aren’t a Trekkie – I am!) see it! It is a GREAT movie! Good luck in your next outing!


  5. shamtown

    Congrats on another good outing. 17 groundball outs is pretty crazy! Keep up the good work man.

  6. aso513

    17 ground balls is insane, but are the lack of strikeouts concerning to you? I don’t find it alarming but there are those stats purist out there that focus on that. I’m assuming you’d rather just get it to where you have more strikeouts than walks, correct?

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