Hey Everyone,


So we are here in Erie, Pa, we got in last night, or this morning at about 1 30 or 2. It was a 7 hour trip from Trenton.  We did not have any internet in Trenton so I am sorry about the delay in posting.  My most recent outing was probably my best of the season, and a very encouraging outing.


So in my last outing I got 17 ground ball outs, which is exactly what I try to do.  That is what is so encouraging.  There was only 1 ball hit in the air all night, and that was a foul out.  Even their hits were all groundballs.  I have to give some credit to my catcher Steve Lerud, we were on the same page for the duration of my outing.  The only thing I struggled with was my command in the first inning, there was a huge difference between the bullpen mound and the game mound. So it took a couple batters to make an adjustment.


Something funny that happened during the game was that I got hit with a bat.  While its not a funny issue, since I wasn’t seriously hurt, I found it to be pretty funny.  With Colin Curtis hitting, I threw him an inside fastball that broke his bat. It was also a ground ball to the right side, so I immediately ran to cover first base.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the barrel coming at me, and I tried to make a last second effort to dodge it. But it hit me in my right forearm.  Fortuantely I escaped with just a bruise and a minor laceration.  Definitely a new experience though.


Just a quick side note.  I have been getting alot of questions about strikeouts.  So in reference to them, I really don’t care about strikeouts, I am not a strikeout pitcher, and I don’t think that you have to strike hitters out to be a good pitcher.  The only time a strikeout is important is when a situation calls for it.  Like with a runner on third and 1 out, other than that I just try to get ground balls.  When I have a hitter in a 0-2 or 1-2 count, I don’t waste a pitch with a breaking ball in the dirt.  I go for weak contact, putting pressure on the hitter, that is our organizational philosophy, and that is what I have had success doing.  On or out in 3 pitches really allows you to pitch deeper into ball games, that’s what I am all about.


Well I have to wrap this up so I can get to the field, but the last thing I will say is that the Trenton Yankees have a great stadium and a great field.  Also, they do a really good job drawing fans.  The game that I pitched had several thousand fans at it, and it was a great atmosphere.  Well I pitch again on Thursday, barring any weather delays, which is always a possibility in the northeast.  So everyone take care.




  1. juliasrants

    I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt when the bat broke. There seem to be a lot of broken bats this season. I hope you keep having great outings and stay healthy! (Remember – DUCK when the bat comes flying at you!)



    Great outing! Especially glad to see you bounce back. Way to have a short memory. Also, I’m very glad about the organizational philosophy regarding pitching to contact vs. strikeouts. They have some good numbers to back that up.
    I’ve only ever seen a few minor league games at wildly different facilities and I’ve never been to a college game. Seeing your comment about Trenton, is there someplace where you liked the crowd? Even if someplace was particularly hostile, maybe it was at least enough to draw you into the game? I have always wondered how the crowd affects athletes. I’m sure that minor league crowds are very different.

  3. aso513

    You are the man plain and simple. I find your philosophy great, break some bats and jam people, some other pitchers would be wise to go inside more. Ahem Snell Ahem. Anyway, I meant no disrespect by asking the question, I just find that while your 3 era in May would please most, most doubters will still look for something to bash you on. Keep it up, you and Lincoln are on fire.

  4. gjs867

    Dan, you’ve been lights out over the past week (*knocks on wood). I’m expecting a perfect game out of you, let me know when so I can go see it.

  5. someguyfromiowa

    I always loved Crash Davis quote about strikeouts:
    Don’t try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they’re fascist. Throw some ground balls – it’s more democratic.
    Oh yeah, how do you feel about getting Gorkys Hernandez? I heard he’s got some speed…


    Hey Daniel,

    It was nice meeting you before your last start. Very cool of you to take some time with the fans before warming up. A lot of pitchers don’t do that, but I can understand where they’re coming from too. If you were one of those guys who gets in a “zone,” I wouldn’t have bothered you…haha. Anyway, you pitched very well and it was a great game to watch. And I’m glad you weren’t hurt by the bat. I was kinda waiting to see if you’d come back out for the next inning. As you said, it was one of the biggest crowds we’ve had all year…I believe there were only about 100 tickets left.
    Also, it’s funny that you mentioned the mound. There was a lot of talk about it earlier in the season when the team first arrived from spring training. There’s a new head groundskeeper this yr, and apparently the mound is different. One of the returning pitchers said it was the first thing he noticed during the pre-season practice.

    Several of the pitchers thought it was too high, and our opening night starter had some command issues in the 1st until he could get comfortable too. So, you’re definitely not alone with that.

  7. shamtown

    Congrats on yet another good outing! Great to see.

    Anyway what do you think of the Nate Mclouth trade? Been a lot of heated discussion all over the net and throughout Pirates nation about this trade.

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