Rain Out

Hey everyone,


Well I am back with another post, the second game of our scheduled double header was rained out.  It seems like it rains everyday in Altoona.  We won the first game 8-0 to snap the 2 game losing skid.  We have really been playing well lately, but the Akron Aeros seem to have our number.  I guess they have only 8 games on the year, so they might have everyones number. 

So my last outing went ok, I kinda struggled with my command, but was able to make some pitches when I needed to in order to get out of some jams.  My final line looked a little better than the way I threw, 6 innings pitched and only 1 earned run.  Again we had a really good bullpen session this week.  So I am not too worried about it. I have to keep working hard in those bullpen sessions, they are very important for me.  On the hitting side of things, I put my first ball into play, and actually barreled it up and hit it pretty hard.  It was a groundout, but the shortstop had to make a really good play.


The next time I pitch is the first game in Bowie, that will be on Tuesday, as we have a day off on Monday.  Also, my girlfriend is in town for the next week or so, so my posts might not bee that frequent, but I will respond to comments and stuff.


Last topic for this post, has anybody seen Angels and Demons yet, I was a huge fan of the book when I read it, and will definitely go see the movie.  Please feel free to post your reviews. Well thats all for today ladies and gentlemen.  Hope everybody has, or is having a great weekend.




  1. juliasrants

    I just saw Angels and Demons today! RUN TO THE THEATER AND SEE IT!!!! It was wonder! I thought Angels and Demons (book and movie) was much better then The DaVinci Code. I was emotional drained when I left the theater today. Tom Hanks was great, Ewan McGregor was outstanding! I actually talked about the movie on my blog today. I also saw the new Star Trek movie today.


  2. shamtown

    It has been raining more than I ever remember in Central Pa. It really sucks. The Pirates have been getting around it but last nigh the skies opened up and gave me 1 hour and 37 minutes of Spotlight in which I got to relive the play that nearly ruined my life. Made me yearn for the glory days though. The disappointment of Sid Bream (a guy who wanted to stay here) scoring that run and knocking us out of the playoffs was great, but I would give anything to be in that situation again after the last 17 years of futility.

  3. Daniel Moskos

    Julia- I definitely thought that Angels and Demons was a better book, and should be a better movie. I just hope they did it right, and used enough detail. It is really exciting to hear that it was a good movie. How was star trek? My girlfriend really wants me to go see it with her.

    Shamtown- I think that nobody would disagree with your point there. As horrible as that moment was when Sid Bream scored, I would love to see the pirates back in the playoffs. I think that everybody would love to see that.

  4. scp23

    I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for star trek. Of course, if your gf really wants to see it, you should probably go regardless, right? haha

  5. brian921

    Hey Danny, do you know this Steven Jackson the Bucs just picked up on waivers from the Yankees? I looked at his stats page and saw he’s a South Carolina native and Clemson grad. Thought maybe you two at least crossed paths if not spent a good bit of time together.

    Also looking at his stats, he was doing well, so it’s curious why he was on waivers anyway. I like seeing the Bucs pick up quality talent like this, especially with Yates on the DL, and no real risk to doing so.

    Anyway, you two might be pitching for Indy together soon!

  6. jevans1863@yahoo.com

    sounds like a pretty good out last night. Keep up the good work!
    Jeff and Mari
    ps- Mari brought the ball you signed to pre-school to show her friends. It was a hit.

  7. steelerdan43@yahoo.com

    I saw Angels and Demons the other day and I think it was definitely better done than The DaVinci Code. The movie had a better flow than DaVinci and the combination of recent events with the election of a new pope and the Large Hadron Collider was interesting (I haven’t read the book). I would certainly suggest seeing it.

    What do the starters do on off days? I took in Indy’s 4 game set with Rochester and watched some guys chart pitches from behind home plate and some guys like Tom Gorzelanny sit there and play on his blackberry for about 5 innings. Do you keep a scouting notebook yourself in addition to the coaches work?

  8. brian921

    I was following your game’s box score while watching the Bucs vs Natinals on FSN last night. Yes, you did great with that effort, and I am sure you’d like that HR back. You didn’t even give up a hit until the 4th inning, yes? Shame you didn’t get support from the Curve bats though. That could have easily been a W decision for you and a S for Sues.

  9. scp23

    Going off the previous question, do you guys have any set schedule / rotation for when you’ll be charting etc.?

  10. Daniel Moskos

    I did go see Angels and Demons and I absolutely loved it. Yes I would like to have the pitch that was hit out of the park back. But I am still developing and it goes into my learning process. If it can make me better next time I face Snyder, than I will take it. As far as charting goes, the day after we start we have video duty, that is where we take video of the pitcher s pitching and a certain group of hitters hitting. The next day we have the radar gun, and the day after that we have the pda. This is a palm pilot, and it has a program on it that we use to chart the game. I do not know if Indy does the same thing. Also, our team has a rule about using cell phones in the stands, our pitching coach told us that if he catches us doing it, he is going to come up into the stands and smash it on the concrete. And I believe that he would do it.

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