Hey everyone,


I am just relaxing in my hotel room becuase we do not have to be on the bus until 4 today.  A much needed show and go after we played 14 innings the other night.  This allows me to watch the futures game, which is very exciting. Especially since 2 of my teammates are playing in it. Those being Brad Lincoln and Pedro Alvarez.


As for the game last night, I guess you can say that I pitched well enough to win.  However, I felt that I needed to pitch deeper into the game to give my bullpen a little more rest. They have thrown a lot of innings these last few days.  The outing could have been a lot better than the line shows because I made one really bad pitch.  It was an 0-1 fastball that was supposed to be in off the plate, and it ran back in over the plate, and Ambiorix Concepcion crushed it for a 3 run home run.  Other than that it could have been a quality outing. 


Well that is all for today guys, I am gonna try to pay attention to this futures game.  I will try to post from Trenton in a few days.  So until then, everybody take care.




  1. gjs867

    Not too bad in the All Star Game. After watching Lincecum struggle, I figured you might have nerves too. Maybe next year you can make the futures game!

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