Hump Day

Hey everyone,


Sorry it has been so long since my last post. Games have started, so we are at the field for a while longer. Also, we have been having meetings almost everynight.  So I have been exhausted and coming home and going to sleep really early.


The name of this post is from a comment from one of my fellow teammates today.  He said to me that today was “hump day.”  Having no clue what he was talking about, I asked him what he meant.  He explained simply that today was the day that you have to get over the hump. Where you have finally hit a little bit of a wall, and there are only a couple weeks left of camp. So get past today and its all downhill til camp breaks.  I really liked his point and his reasoning, so I decided to share it with you.


As for spring training, we are into our second week of games.  I have thrown once, 3 innings against the Blue Jays. I throw again tomorrow, this time it should be 4 innings, and it is against the Blue Jays again.  One of the big things that I can say about camp this year is that there is definitely an aura of competition in the air. Everything is upbeat, and there are alot of things being accomplished everyday. I am really excited about the productivity so far this year. I think its going to be a surprising year. Only my opinion though. It is absolutely a different atmosphere this year.


Thats it for now, but if you guys have any questions about spring training feel free to ask.


Until later,




  1. aso513

    Just wondering how your first outing went? And I know you can’t really comment but what about this story on Jose Tabata’s wife, weird.

  2. juliasrants

    Usually Wednesday each week is considered hump day; it’s the middle of the work week and you have to get through it! Good luck throwing today! I’ll be busy writing Yankees blogs (I’m a Red Sox blogger) to pay my debt! Hey – what do you think of the latest twists on Heroes?


  3. Daniel Moskos

    Aso- The first outing went pretty well. I didn’t give up any earned runs. Although I did give up a homerun. The line was 3 IP 3 H 0ER 0BB 3 K. I have heard about Jose’s situation and it is unfortuanate. I know that Jose is a great guy and a good teammate, and I find it hard to believe he is involved. I don’t know the story, I just know that hes is a good guy.

    Julia- That seems very understandable about Wednesday. I don’t know what to think about heroes, it seems like everytime I try to figure something out, it goes the other way. Thanks for the luck and the congrats.

  4. shamtown

    Good stats. Is there anywhere that actually has the minor league stats?

    Huge game tonight for Pitt! We are going to take this thing no matter what it takes it seems.

    Another awesome win by the Pens too.

    How sweet would it be for us if the Pens and Panthers won their respective championships this year? We’d have three championships in one year!

  5. Daniel Moskos

    John- Thanks for the kind words. However, you are right, about the numbers. Spring training is more about finding your rhythm and throwing strikes.

    Gergs- Thanks, I am glad you like the blog. I have an idea, but still not sure. It will be either Lynchburg or Altoona.

    Aso- There are not any pitch restrictions for me this year. However, having to go through that last year has definitely given me an extra weapon this year.

    Shamtown- I do not know of anywhere that offers the minor league stats. The Pens are looking really good lately. Let’s hope they can keep it up through the end of the season. Huge game for Pitt, Nova has looked really good their past couple games. If that happens Pittsburgh will have alot to be happy about. The fans really love their sports teams in Pittsburgh

  6. aso513

    Hey Daniel, just wondering if we could get an update on your second spring outing whenever you get a chance. Keep busting your tail, you’re the man.

  7. Daniel Moskos

    Shamtown- It really seemed like Nova had everything going their way. I mean to not miss a free throw til your 23rd attempt. Also to get that kind of a break with 5 seconds left. I guess that is why they call it March “Madness”

    Aso- The line for the second outing, which was against the Blue Jays, again was: 3 IP 5 H 2 or 3 ER 1 BB 5 K. I actually threw the ball pretty well, a few bloop hits. I worked too many deep counts though. This was also a AAA game again.

    Also had a third outing, which was against the Blue Jays, for the third time. 4 IP 4 H 2 ER 1 BB 1 K. I was a little wild this time around, most of the damage came in the first inning where I struggled with rhythm and command. I threw 25 pitches in the first inning, and then I threw 28 pitches over the next 3. The rhythm was alot better in the last 3. They were pretty aggressive.

    James- Thanks for the good luck

  8. brian921

    Hey Moskie! Glad to see you’re back, and hope you can continue into the start of the season, where ever your season starts (did you say Altoona?).

    I think the Bucs have a bright future and you’re in the midst of it all. I bet that’s awesome to be around and feel the optimism with opening day coming up soon.

    You made a comment observing that Pittsburghers love their sports teams. We really are die-hard fans, despite that we also love to trash-talk them. They’re OUR teams, and we will root for them in the same breath that we disparage them. We say what we want, but don’t let any outsiders trash-talk our teams (especially anyone from Cleveland).

    Take a moment to take it all in…. and play ball!

  9. Daniel Moskos

    Brian- I did find out that I will be starting the year in Altoona. I think that the Bucs do have a bright future, and it is very exciting to have the opportunity to be a part of that. I completely understand that about being a die hard fan. When your team loses it hurts, and you want to see them win. Nobody enjoys losing.

    Christos- I am of Greek descent, by your name I would have to say that you are too.

    Jdom- I really couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I think the Bears look like a legitimate contender now. They really needed a QB and now they have one.

  10. shamtown

    Personally I’m very excited he went to the NFC! We get to play a Denver team that will be worse offensively. I’m thinking repeat for the Steelers. We have a much easier schedule this year and pretty much the same team.

  11. gergs21

    Good stuff Danny well either way if you start at Lynchburg or Altoona I am looking forward to watching you pitch at Altoona at some point this year, I am sure we will see you there. Have a good start of the season.

  12. Daniel Moskos

    Shamtown- That does make the Broncos seem very below average now. Not that they were really in the same class as the Steelers. The Steelers are returning alot, but I thought that the tough schedule gave them an advantage last year.

    Gergs- Thanks gergs, you will be able to see me in Altoona.

  13. Daniel Moskos

    Shamtown- That does make the Broncos seem very below average now. Not that they were really in the same class as the Steelers. The Steelers are returning alot, but I thought that the tough schedule gave them an advantage last year.

    Gergs- Thanks gergs, you will be able to see me in Altoona.

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