Welcome back everyone,


I am sorry for the layoff, but now I am back.  I had a greast week with my girlfriend and I am sorry that there wasn’t much posting while she was here.  For this post’s agenda we will talk about spring training, the WBC, and of course March Madness.


Ok so spring training has just about hit it’s full stride. We start games on the 19th, which is very exciting, we get to see a team in a different uniform.  Since I last posted, the pitchers have thrown live batting practice sessions, and even simulation games.  Yesterday I threw about 2 innings, or around 40 pitches.  It was really good to finally face some live hitters.  They have also broken us up into our 5 day rotations, and separated the starters from the relievers. That way the starters can start to extend some innings and get into the in-season workout routine.  The relievers will be able to monitor their work loads and get ready to pitch in games. 


The World Baseball Classic has been very exciting thus far. With the Netherlands upsetting the Dominican, the Aussies beating Mexico, and Korea playing good baseball. Japan has emerged as a powerhouse, and I am hoping that the Americans can pull out some victories to come out of the loser’s bracket. Puerto Rico is also playing very good baseball, it will be a very good game tonight between them and Venezuela.  I will definitely be watching.  I would like to see Snell pitch well tonight.


Now on to my favorite topic, March Madness.  I would like to first point out that Clemson got shafted, they deserve to be a better seed than a 7.  I also thought that Memphis should have been a 1 seed, and that Missouri did not deserve to be a 3 seed.  I don’t think that the big 10 deserved to have 7 teams, adn the pac 10 should not have had 6 teams.  But I guess that’s why I am a baseball player, and not a NCAA Basketball analyst.  So here are some things that I am throwing out there. Who was the biggest snub out of this year’s tourney?  Who will be in the final 4? Who will be the national champion?  Who is going to be this year’s cindarella story? If you have any other questions feel free to ask them.


Some of my opinions to these questions are that Virginia Tech is a pretty big snub. I think they are a better team than a Minnesota or a Wisconsin. My final 4 has Memphis, UNC, Duke, and Wake Forest.  You can call me an ACC homer if you want to.  I think that Wake matches up well with all the teams in its possible path. I still think that UNC is probably the most talented team in the country, and thats who I will probably pick as my National Champion.  I think VCU has a chance to be a cindarella, they are pretty darn good.


Final point, to all the Irish out there, have a happy St. Patty’s day. Have fun, and of course be safe.


Until later,





    What, no love for Pitt? This is a blog of a player in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, I figured you’d mention them, since they are the most complete team in the nation!

  2. juliasrants

    Daniel – no need to apologize for being away with your girlfriend! BC made the dance so that’s good for the team, but even the local media isn’t expecting them to go too far.

    I’ve also been enjoying the WBC – while I’m glad that Team USA is advancing, it is sad to see Team Nederland leave. They were great to watch!

    And being Irish – thanks for the wishes! Green baseball cap tomorrow for me! lol!

    Take care and stay healthy!


  3. orrington

    I hate basketball. I do not see its appeal. I think those who invest time watching basketball are doing themselves, society, and God a disservice. Tossing things into an object is what you do with a crumpled sheet of paper and a waste basket. Also the ball is too big and its orange.

  4. Daniel Moskos

    Bowks- I would not call Pitt the most complete team in the nation. However, they are very very good. I just see them playing a game in which Dejuan Blair gets into early foul trouble and they lose a close game that they probably shouldnt have. Just my opinion, probably doesn’t mean much.

    Julia- It is good to see them in the tourney, it shows the depth of the ACC. I see them winning a game, and then probably bowing out. It is sad, the Netherlands really surprised alot of people. It was very fun to watch. Green hat tomorrow, that is for sure.

    ASO- I am with the starters. For now at least.

    Orie- Thank you for your input. I will have to kindly disagree with you. Although it is funny the way you put it. I personally don’t think that there is a better way to lead into the baseball season than with a little March Madness.


    first off thanks for saying you’ll sign something for our raffle, I’ll be back with details later and we’ll work something out. Now onto march madness, i have pitt losing in the sweet sixteen to FSU a team they almost lost to this season already. I think Louisville will win, there the most complete team in the nation and every big east team has a chance except for marquette now that james is out. Also the fact kansas got a 3 seed is awful and big ten bball is a joke, thats fact. I think Oklahoma has the easiest road to at least the Elite 8 if blake Griffin plays well, hes a monster and would eat up DeJuan, Sam Young, and Thabeat.

  6. shamtown

    Pitt is gonna take it baby. Smizik said they might actually join the big 10. They would kill in basketball, but I’m not sure how good the football team would be.

    I’m annoyed that The USA team started Jeter over Rollins. Rollins is clearly the better player.


    Glad to hear you had a good week. Hopefully it helped you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Anyway, I have a question about the minor league camp. What is it like when the people start shuffling in from major league camp? Does the feel of camp change when everyone starts to get an idea of where they might end up? Or do people hang out with the same groups regardless?

  8. gjs867

    If Pitt plays Clemson in the Final Four, what’s your prediction? And do you ever watch Pitt games, or aren’t you a real Pitt fan?

    BTW, don’t be ashamed if your not a Pitt fan, we can’t boo you in March 🙂

  9. Daniel Moskos

    Clarke- I am not sure that you can make that statement about Blake Griffin, Blair would not get thrown around by anybody. Don’t know if I see FSU knocking them off, but I would love to see it happen. Neither Kansas nor Missouri deserved 3 seeds. And yes the big 10 is a complete joke. I actually think that Louisville loses to Wake Forest. Their length on defense will cause Louisville to struggle. Oklahoma’s easy road depends on which Clemson shows up. If the real Clemson team shows up then Oklahoma will be in for a dogfight. They match up really well against Ok.

    Orie- I figured you did like college basketball. You just like making off the wall comments.

    Shamtown- Pitt might take it. But I think that they rely too much on one player, which could end up haunting them. I don’t really have an opinion on that situation. They are both superstars and I would love to have either in my lineup.

    Falseaccount- Good question, as some of the big leaguers just began to come down. The feel of camp definitely changes, but we haven’t reached that point yet. Still alot of uncertainty, and alot of competition. Which is great in my opinion. people usually have their group of friends that they hang out with, but that could change with the team that they are playing with.

    Gjs- Clemson wins obviously. Booker gets Blair into foul trouble, and Ogelsby goes off for 25, hitting 6 three’s in the process. I have only recently become a Pitt fan, but I do watch some of their games. Mainly the big ones, like when they played UConn, or other top Big East schools.

  10. orrington

    Dan, what was the reaction to the Gorzelanny demotion around camp? Stunned? Really breaks my heart. I really believed this was a bounceback year for him, especially after coming to camp rededicated and in great shape. Dont get me wrong, Im not being dismissive. I expect him to reemerge and make his presence felt once again. But damn, this is a demoralizing set back.
    Do me a favor, as a new friend. once you taste big league success, and remember, I already decided that you will, dont ever take it for granted. Apparantly once you do, the road back is longer than you might have thought.

  11. Daniel Moskos

    Orrington- I think that the demotion is a bit surprising. I was excited that he got himself back into shape and that he was dedicated. I hope that he does bounce back and that we do see him have success in the big leagues again. I don’t take any thing for granted my friend, that’s why I work so hard, I want to be the best player that I can be.

    Shamtown- I sure am glad Memphis pulled that one out. That would have been a huge bracket buster. Unfortunately Clemson choked………again!

    Gjs- Wow, really good question. I would probably have to go with Dejuan Blair. He takes over games, I love that.

  12. shamtown

    Pitt is trying to freaking kill me today. I was bummed to see Temple lose, always a soft spot in my heart for them.

  13. Daniel Moskos

    Clarke- There has to be a reason why you would make this statement.

    Shamtown- I thought Temple would pull that one out too, oh well. Pitt definitely gave everyone a scare. How they get outrebounded blows my mind. What about black friday though, holy upsets!!!


    a couple reasons why are probaly Utah State, WVU, American, VCU, and uh clemson screwed up one of my brackets pretty good, and ETSU well actually I’m lieing about that one, not even there fans picked them to win. But now you get the reason i hate college basketball haha GO LOUISVILLE.

  15. gjs867

    How’s your bracket doing so far? I know it’s probably not perfect, but I guess if Adam Sandler could do it, anybody could.

    Also, I was wondering if there are any ex-teammates from Clemson that you are hoping the Pirates will draft this year, and what round you would expect them to go.

  16. orrington

    Gotta say, Im disappointed by Team USA’s showing in the semifinals. So ironic; Japan’s stars come here to play and our bums go there and thrive, and this is what happens. And I suspect this will continue to happen as long as this exhibition is played in March.

  17. Daniel Moskos

    Clarke- I couldn’t agree more. Wake Forest really got me, I stopped caring after that game.

    GJS- My bracket is only ok. I have 12 of the 16 teams left. Not too bad, but its nothing to be proud of. I am not sure that there is anybody left to be drafted out of Clemson. Maybe Ryan Hinson or Matt Vaughn. The Pirates already tried with Hinson though.

    Orrington- I was disappointed too. I could just tell that Japan had a little extra on the field. I would like to see what would happen if it was played when the Americans are in mid season form.

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