Hello Everyone,


Well to start things off, my girlfriend comes into town tomorrow night, so I don’t know how much time I will be able to spend on the computer for the next week or so. Lucky for you guys groundhog day officially began today. So there shouldn’t be too much info I can give you.


Secondly, March madness is just about a week away. Oh boy am I excited, I love this time of year.  I can’t wait for selection day, after that I get to make my bracket.


So today we had a bunch of people show up, its really starting to feel like spring trainng. I think there are about 120 or so people here now.  Something overwhelming is the amount of new faces, there are so many new people. It is gonna take some time to get to meet/know all of them.  Today I threw another bullpen. Right around 55 pitches this time, starting to really build up the stamina.  I have to admit, I was pretty worn out towards the end of the bullpen.  Now I have 2 days off, then I throw a live bullpen session, to real hitters, pretty exciting stuff.


In less fortunate news, Jarek Cunningham tweaked his knee, and might have to miss some serious time.  Its very unfortunate for him and the organization if he has to miss an extended period of time. He’s a really good ball player.


Next, what does everyone think about the Terrel Owens deal? Was it the right decision? Where will he end up next? Input and opinions are appreceiated.


Lastly, if anyone has seen a good movie lately, feel free to pass on some information. I will probably try to see a movie with the old lady while she is here. Looking for all the feedback I can get.

Also, I almost forgot. The United States kicks off their classic with a heated battle against Canada. This should be a very good game and I am very excited to watch it.  I think it will be a good test for the Americans, we should get a good indicator of what to expect from them with this game.


Until Later,




Hey Daniel – have a great time when your girlfriend is in town! We’ll forgive you for not blogging! ;-). Can’t help you with the movies; don’t see too many until they come out on OnDemand. TO? What a waste of talent! Too many athletes (present company excluded I’m sure!) feel that they become “entitled” when they have a lot of talent. And their behavior becomes a detriment to the team. I think Dallas had no choice but to cut him. Where will he end up? I don’t know. A team like the 49ers could use his talent (NOT my team – I’m a New England Patriots fan. Blog about them also!) but honestly – I don’t know if anyone will sign him. Like Michael Vick & Plaxico Burress, TO has blown it.


Hopefully Pitt can make it past the Sweet 16 this year, I truly think it’s our year.

When I look at the T.O. situation I realize how lucky I am to be a Steelers fan. I take great solace in the fact that this will not happen with the Steelers because they just don’t sign D-bags like that.

It really bums me out about Mr. Cunningham. Knee injuries are terrible. I never played sports at a very high level, but I did play basketball and baseball in Middle/ High school. Mostly basketball, because at the time I played baseball to stay in shape. Anyway long story short I ended up breaking my patella playing basketball, but surprising it wasn’t extremely painful. So me being young and stupid I ended up playing on it for another year or two instead of getting surgery. Now I’m lucky I can play Bush league hockey with my friends once or twice a month. Knee injuries are nothing to take lightly.

I’m actually going to miss the WBC game! We are going to the mother in laws. So I will be tivo’ing it.

Julia- Thank you for that. As far as TO I don’t think I can call him a waste of talent because he has had a great career. It could last a little longer if he would be smart in my opinion. It is unfortuante about the sense of entitlement that some players have, it can ruin you. How bout it New England did pick up TO. Him and Randy Moss as the wideouts, good God. I would have Tom Brady as my qb in fantasy, that is for sure.

Shamtown- You could be right, this might be Pitt’s year, they are really good. If Blair stays out of foul trouble they can play with anybody. I would really love to see a UNC vs Pitt national championship. That sounds really painful about your patella, I can’t imagine that being painless. But if you say so. I missed the game to, I actually got a chance to go to the beach. Took advantage of it, can you say Spring Break. That place was packed, unreal. It is really unfortuanate about Jarek. Even though he has an injury that could cause him to miss the season, I have never seen him without a smile on his face. He is really taking it well, I applaud him for that.

It was painful when it happened, but was just uncomfortable after that.

How about Netherlands beating the DR! That is unbelievable. It was also nice to see Pedro Alvarez came in and got another hit, he is hitting over .550 now. I don’t know if you can make a case for him making the big club, but man he is answering those questions about what kind of shape he is in.

Also I just read T.O. went to Buffalo! That has to be the worst fit for him. He will not win anything there, and has no real quarterback to throw to him. It’s not going to be pretty in Buffalo once T.O. starts chirping.

Great first game from Team USA today. And the Netherlands beats the Dominican Republic! Are you kidding me? This WBC thing may turn out to be okay. I mean, full throttle games in March; whats not to like?

Daniel…two questions (I should have asked them last post since it was a Q&A).

1. Is team chemistry an underrated or overrated aspect of team sports? How well do guys get along in the clubhouse (you don’t have to name names) and, from your experiences, have you ever seen it affect a team’s play? Everyone has people in their workplace they don’t get along with or don’t care for. I imagine it’s no different in baseball.

2. Is it hard to stay focused and on the top of your game when, in the minors, you’re constantly taking long bus trips and don’t always have a home (if you’re moving from one level, to the next, and back)?


I have two questions for you (probably should’ve asked them in last posts comments seeing that it was a Q&A).

1. Is team chemistry and underrated or overrated aspect in baseball? Have the clubhouses you’ve been apart of been positive or are there a couple bad apples from time to time (you don’t have to name names)? From your experiences, has a bad feeling in the clubhouse ever resulted in bad team play? Every person has people they don’t get a long with or particularly like in their workplace. I imagine baseball is the same way, but you can probably put it behind you and just do your job on the diamond.

2. Is it hard for minor leaguers to stay focused and keep their performance at a high level when they’re constantly riding buses for long distances and don’t always have a place to call home (if a player is moving up and down levels)?


I have two questions for you (probably should’ve asked them in last posts comments seeing that it was a Q&A).

1. Is team chemistry and underrated or overrated aspect in baseball? Have the clubhouses you’ve been apart of been positive or are there a couple bad apples from time to time (you don’t have to name names)? From your experiences, has a bad feeling in the clubhouse ever resulted in bad team play? Every person has people they don’t get a long with or particularly like in their workplace. I imagine baseball is the same way, but you can probably put it behind you and just do your job on the diamond.

2. Is it hard for minor leaguers to stay focused and keep their performance at a high level when they’re constantly riding buses for long distances and don’t always have a place to call home (if a player is moving up and down levels)?

Thankfully Daniel I don’t have to worry about TO coming to Boston! I hear tonight that he is going to the Bills. Now we only have to play against him twice a season! Though it’s funny – when we picked up Randy Moss a lot of people thought we would regret it because of his behavior elsewhere. And yet we haven’t really had any problems. Brady would be great for fantasy QB! Any advice on fantasy baseball? I’m playing for the first time and our draft is the 15th. Yikes! I’m trying not to embarrass myself! Hope you’re having a great time! Enjoy the week! 😉


Sorry I commented three times. It wasn’t going through for some reason. I think you get the gist of my questions though.

Shamtown- I bet it was painful when it happened, I cringed when I read it. I really can’t believe that happened, the DR blew that game thought. Unearned runs and baserunning blunders. Also a big win for the US, they showed some heart, I am officially on the bandwagon, hahahaha. You are right that Pedro will not make the team, he will make a case for it though. The kid is such a good hitter, it’s unreal. I don’t think there were ever questions about his bat though. I am actually on the other side of this one, I think that him and Lee Evans make a pretty good 1, 2 punch. That should also take some of the pressure off of Lynch and Evans, which will open up their offense even more. Losman should be able to distribute the ball just fine. I think you might be surprised on this one.

Orie- I couldn’t agree more. I love it. Nalilbiters so far with the US and DR. It is very exciting, and the Americans pulling out that win is huge.

KA- Team Chemistry is very underrated. I think it is something that is very important, and you are starting to see that more and more. Not just in baseball as well, in all sports. On the teams that I have olayed on thus far everyone has got along pretty well. There are always instances of disagreements and what not, but that is part of the season. When you are at the field everyday, and dealing with on the field as well as off the field issues, then tempers can flare. All in all though, we all get along. I have not seen it affect the team’s play thus far, and I hope to never see it. I wouldn’t say that it is hard to stay focused, its just a grind. You have to learn how to deal with it though, its part of learning how to become a professional. Being able to stay focused is part of becoming consistent.

Julia- I was actually hoping that he would go to the Patriots. Imagine him and Randy Moss together, that would be fun to watch. They would be able to go empty backfield on every play, and it simply just would not matter. Ugh fantasy baseball. You can go one of two ways. Obviously you have to draft the best offensive players out there. In my opinion stolen bases is a category that can be completely ignored, I never draft speed guys. Go for the 25 hr, 80-90 rbi, and 270 to 280 hitters. Also try to draft the skimpier positions earlier. There are plenty of outfielders, but not that many ss or 2nd basemen that hit for power and average. Pitching is where the options come in. You can either go with all starters and only a couple relievers. This will usually win you k’s, wins, and alot of the time era. Or you can go heavy on relievers, and I mean swoop up all the closers. This should give you the edge in whip, saves, and sometimes era. It also depends on if you are playing rotisserie, or week to week. Hope that helps.

KA- No worries, I hope my answers were satisfactory

I don’t know. I just don’t think Buffalo has the qb play to keep T.O. happy. He needs a guy like Manning who will tell him how it is the first time he blows up, neither QB in Buffalo is like that.

Did you happen to catch the Pens win today! Wow, I was on the edge of my seat, tough physical win by the Pens, 5 for 5 on their road trip. 5th place in the East as of right now.

Big WBC game tonight, thank god I’ll actually be able to catch this one. Japan looks pretty freaking tough.

hey, this is pretty random but basically my lacrosse team is trying to raise money through fundraisers and raffles and stuff and i was wondering if perhaps you could sign something or get some signed stuff or something to help us out. You can just email me if you’d rather do that so i don’t have to post all my info on here if you can do it, my email adress is my name tag on here, thanks alot either way and keep up the blog its good stuff man.

I have a *really* random question because my brain hurts from all of my homework and I couldn’t think of anything else:
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Hey Moskie! In light of Brandon Moss’s bruise and mild sprain, I have a joke for you.

How is the Pirates’ line-up for the rest of spring training like a Rolling Stone?

Both gather no Moss!!!

(everyone laugh now)

Ok, here’s another:
Q: Why isn’t Brandon Moss playing in Florida, but will play at PNC Park?
A: Because Moss is always found on the North Side.

Dan, maybe you can answer this one. Ive been curious about Moss, who played 2B for the Sox in the Rookie League. Fielding numbers dont tell the whole story, but theres certainly nothing there that would indicate he was overmatched. Why did they move him to the OF? Seems the numbers he puts up would make him alot more valuable at second.

Hi Daniel,

I’ve been killing time in my hotel room on the road reading your blog…good stuff! Kudos to you for writing this.
I was just in Bradenton/Tampa last week watching Spring Training and the Pens game…Bucs/Pens went 5-1 on my watch there and it made for a fantastic vacation. Regretfully, I did not make it to Pirate City to see what that is like…can you give me some highlights/insights/recommendations on what time of day is best to go there and what there is to see at Pirate City for next year’s trip?

Also, I didn’t notice any movie suggestions yet so I’ll add that I really liked ‘The Watchmen’ and ‘Taken’


Daniel – THANK YOU! for the Fantasy Baseball advice! And congrats on having the #4 ranked Player’s blog here on MLBlogs!


Hi Daniel,
I think your blog is great and wish more players did one. I think it truly shows fans what a great normal guy you are and as you’ve already seen it’s gaining you a ton of fans.
It’s made a fan out of me and like these guys I’ll be rooting for you as well. Good luck this year!
Dr. Erik Weisgerber
Columbus, Ohio

Hey buddy. When will you guys start playing minor league spring games? Keep us updated with who looks good, who’s healthy, etc.

I’m anxious to see how Friday, Negrych, and Romak play out this season.

Daniel – Thanks for the fantasy baseball tips! I survived my first draft today and I think I did okay!


Shamtown- You might be right about the qb situation. The question that I have is: is there a qb out there that can keep T.O. happy? If so, then he has yet to be found. The Pens are looking real good, that is unheard of to do on a road trip. The WBC has been really good this year. There have been alot of upsets, and now the US is gonna have to survive from the loser’s bracket. It has been really exciting though. Japan is looking really good, how bout that kid from Cuba? He is only 21 and he is left handed, and he was sitting 95-102. Good god.

Clarke- I can definitely do that. I don’t know what I have around here to sign, but I would be more than happy to help you out raising some money for you and your team. We can work something out I am sure.

Ellie- Favorite ice cream would be Chunky Monkey from the Ben and Jerry’s collection.

Brian- HAHAHA thanks for the jokes.

Orie- I have no clue about the position change for Moss. Either way I think he is supposed to be a power bat. So that would put him in the corner outfield spot or 2b. Plus I don’t think that he is gonna play over Freddy right now. Sorry I don’t have a better answer.

Bucswin- That sounds like a good trip. Thanks for the kudos. As far as Pirate City goes you can show up at 9 and be there until the players come off the field at about 4. Right now you would be able to see pitchers bullpens, simulation games, and team fundamentals. As well as batting practice for the hitters. Then games start on the 19th. Thanks for the advice, we actually went to see Taken, and I really liked it. I thought it was great, and that guy was sick.

Julia- I hope I was able to help you out a little bit with the draft. Thanks for the congrats.

Erik- I am glad you are enjoying the blog, I think that it is a really good idea. It is you fans that keep the game going, so I am glad that this blog is helping us unite.

Canada- I will keep you updated bud. Thnose guys you named will be fun to watch play. I just hope I am playing with them this year. The minor league games start on the 19th.

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