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Hey everyone,


It is the eve of spring training.  I have my physical tommorow, and then we have our first workout after.  Before I get to my post I have a few things on my mind.


Today was a bad day for Clemson Tiger fans.  The basketball team continued their slide, and looked pretty bad in doing so.  The baseball team lost to our heated rival, the Gamecocks of South Carolina.  They got 2 hit, ugh. On a lighter note, the Buccos pulled out another win in a close game today, and improve to 3-1. I know these games are supposed to be somewhat meaningless, but hey I’m happy about it and I think Pirates fans should be too.


Now on to the post topic. I realized recently that people probably don’t know that much about me. So this post is going to be all about that.  Ask me questions, anything you want to know, and I of course will answer them. Just about anything goes.  It should be fun, so let’s get this started.


Until later.




  1. falseaccount@yahoo.com

    Okay, here are some softballs for you:
    1. What is your favorite baseball movie?
    2. They’ve discussed this in the booth a few times during Pirate games. What do you think of the movie Bull Durham? Love it because it’s a great movie? Or hate it because it’s not even close to portraying life in the minor leagues?
    3. Similarly, just how bad is the travel for you guys? How do you pass the time on the bus rides? I’d guess nowadays most people just listen to their ipods, but that has to get boring.
    Finally, good luck in camp. It’s always exciting going into a new season to see what happens. I can only imagine how awesome it is for a player.

  2. ojshutt@hotmail.com

    Hi Daniel. Great job with the blog. I’m yet another Pirates fan who was a middle-schooler the last time they had a winning record. I’m planning on making the trip east to Altoona to see you pitch this summer.

    Two questions:

    1) What are you favorite minor league ballparks/cities you’ve been to?

    2) How did you and your girlfriend meet?
    Keep up the great work and good luck on a successful season.

  3. juliasrants

    Hi Daniel,

    1. Who is the baseball player you most admired growing up?

    2. Did you play little league growing up?

    3. Any brothers & sisters?

    4. Besides the Pirates! 😉 What team did you want to play for when you were going up!



  4. letsgopires

    Can you describe how your arm feels the day after you pitch and any warning signs of injury to look for? Can you explain what a ‘dead arm’ period is and how you work through that? I think most of us have no idea of all of the aches and pains that pitchers feel and how common it is.

  5. letsgopires

    Got another one. Can you compare the pitching styles/stuff of the following lefties in the org?

    -John Grabow
    -Sean Burnett
    -Phil Dumatrait
    -Dave Davidson
    -Donald Veal
    -any other prominant lefty in the org that you want to include.

  6. orrington

    Heres my question; Ill guess you wanted to be a pro ballplayer practically from the moment you threw a ball. But when did you realize how good you were and that it could be more than a schoolboy’s fantasy… that moment you not only knew what you wanted to do but actually realized you were good enough to do it, be a pro. Was it a slow realization? Were you in the middle of a game one day and you suddenly said to yourself, “holy smoke”? And did it scare you a bit, that you could do what millions can only dream about? That level of talent and opportunity could be intimidating, I would guess.

  7. Daniel Moskos

    Ellie- If I was not playing baseball, I would most likely be working for or in a hospital.

    Jason- The new storyline for Heroes is very good. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. I can’t think of an acceptable word to describe how I feel about Nathan right now, so I will just leave it at that.

    False Account- My favorite baseball movie is either The Natural, or For The Love Of The Game. I would have to go back and watch them again to make a final decision. I really like the movie Bull Durham. But I watch it because it is an entertaining movie, not because it is factual. Kind of like the Major League movies. I have been fortuanate enough so far that I have not had bad travel. Longest trip being about 6 hours or so. To pas the time I watch movies, listen to music, and of course talk on the phone with the old lady. Thanks for the good luck, it certainly is an exciting part of the year. Especially now, all the physicals and conditioning tests are out of the way, now its jsut baseball, baseball, baseball.

    OJ- I will see you there, be sure to stop me and say hey. Me and my girlfriend met at school. Her roommate was dating my roommate. Pretty weird huh. We didn’t even know each other.

    Julia- The player I most admired growing up would be John Smoltz. I have 1 sister. She is 20 years old and plays soccer at Arkansas. I accidentally missed the second questiion, but of course I played little league growing up. Back then I was a 3 sport athlete though. The other 2 being soccer and basketball. Other than the Pirates I would have loved to play for the Braves. They were my team.

    Lets go Bucs- The day after I pitch I’m usually not too sore. Its the 2nd day when I am most sore. Warning signs of injury would be if you feel pain as opposed to just soreness. Dead arm is a period where your arm just doesn’t have the life that it usually does. There is no pain or fear of injury, you just simply don’t have your normal stuff. Pitching through these periods are brutal, but it is something that you just have to learn to deal with. The aches and pains are definitely what makes it a grind because you can’t take a day off from throwing. As a bullpen guy I can see myself being similar to a Veal or Grabow type guy. As a starter I would say I am pretty similar to Dumatrait, although I believe he throws a curveball instead of a slider.

    Orie- You are right about that, ever since I was 3 years old I have wanted to be a pro ballplayer. It was my junior summer when I started to realize it. I started throwin like 91-92 even sometimes 93. I was like wow, I could potentially be good enough. It wasn’t in the middle of a game. But I do remember after a game one time a bunch of kids asked me if I always threw that hard. My response was, I don’t know, how hard was I throwing. Thinking it mihgt have been 85 or 86. They said 91-92 and I was like get out of here, no way. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited at that point. At this time I didn’t even think about the possibility of making money, it was exciting enough thinking that I could be a professional baseball player.

  8. buccos09

    Danny, thanks so much for doing the blog! A lot of Pirates fans appreciate it and are looking forward to seeing you pitch this year!

    My question is, and I’m sure you have answered this a million times (I’m just not going to look it up… haha): Where do you think you will start this year? I live halfway between Charleston, WV and Lynchburg, VA. Any chance I get to catch a game? Or do you see yourself starting in Altoona?

    Again, sorry for asking a question thats probably been asked alot…

  9. Daniel Moskos

    Actually this is the first time its been put in the form of a question. I hope to be starting in Altoona. There is also a chance you can catch a game if I am in Lynchburg. You should check if there are an Eastern League teams within driving distance of you, mybe you can catch a game that way.

  10. isingg30

    It is good to hear that your season will be starting up. Hopefully, you can have a great start leading to a great season. We hope to be seeing you in Pittsburgh pretty soon.
    I have a few questions to ask you.
    First off, I see that you’ve been writing about some TV shows on here and movies, but do you do much reading? If so, what do you like to read? Do you read about sports or do you spend enough time around them?
    Secondly, besides baseball, what sports do you like to play or watch? I see you writing about Clemson basketball. Are you a big fan of basketball or is it just because it is in season?
    What do you guys do during your free time during the season? Do you even have much free time or are you too busy? Also, what guys are you closest with from baseball?
    I think that’s about all I have. Good luck with the start of your season.

  11. Daniel Moskos

    Gary- I do spend a decent amount of time reading. Although I prefer books on tape, for when I am driving or running. I really like the Dan Brown books, also Kurt Vonnegut is my favorite aouthor. Have you ever read any of his books? Lone Survivor is an awesome book as well. Don’t do that much sports reading. I guess its because you are right, I spend enough time around sports. Golf is my second love, nothing better than getting out and playing 18 holes. You can really get away from it all during a round. Well I really enjoy all sports, and I especially enjoy everything Clemson. March Madness is probably one of my favorite times of the year sports wise. Behind the MLB playoffs and college bowl season. With our free time we really just relax, maybe play the occasional round of golf. Mostly it is all low key studff though. Hmm that’s a good question. I don’t really know for sure. I am pretty close with Tony Watson and Brad Lincoln. I am friends with just about everybody though.

  12. clmsntgr22@gmail.com

    Daniel, how’s the weather there? It’s snowing pretty hard in Clemson. Looks like we’ll get about 2-4 inches!

  13. Daniel Moskos

    Tiger- Wow, 2-4 inches in Clemson. That’s crazy. It was cold and rainy here this morning, but it cleared up in the afternoon. It’s just windy now, but not too cold.

  14. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    When you become the pirates closer, if that the plan(is that the plan?) what song are you entering to. Also what is your favorite golf course you’ve played, and what is your best score?

  15. Daniel Moskos

    Clarke- I don’t know if that is the plan. Lets for now just say I do become the Pirate’s closer. My song would probably be either Wherever I May Roam by Metallica or maybe Enter Sandman. I would definitely have to put some more thought into it though. Best course award goes to Torrey Pines followed closely by a course I played in Jamaica. Not sure of the name. My best score is a 73 on a par 72 course. Do you play much golf?

  16. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    I try to play as much as i can, i tore my acl sophmore year in a baseball game so i couldn’t play at all that summer and i worked for the williamsport crosscutters this summer so i didnt get much playing time. This year though im tryining to play more, especially now I’m a senior so i dont ireally have that much to do in school, theres some good courses up here and my friends like playing so i dont have any excuses not to get out there.

  17. Daniel Moskos

    Clarke- That’s unfortuante about the injury. How was that working for the Crosscutters? What about dealing with the Little League World Series craze? You should definitely get out there and play as much as you can, especially if you have friends that want to play

  18. piratefn7

    clarke-What school do you go to im from Milton near the port, and by far best course around here is bucknell.

    But Daniel, ever meet Gaines Adames, tackle for the bucs?

  19. jonnnnnn

    Daniel! I’m a huge fan! Here’s some questions!

    1) Honestly, do you like being a Pirate? Does the young core of players in the minors make the future exciting, or would you rather be on an already established big league team?


    2) When you get to the bigs, any chance you can throw me a ball? hahah thanks man keep up the good work!

  20. Daniel Moskos

    Pirates- Yea I have met him and hung out with him a few times. He’s a heck of a football player.

    Eats- Yea I really enjoy being a Pirate. No, I don’t wish I played for any other team, or an already established team. The future is exciting for the Pirates, and for me as well. Depending on the situation, I’m sure I could get you a ball.

  21. orrington

    Uhh, not to nitpick, but the Pirates ARE an established big league team.
    And speaking of baseball history, Dan, back in ’07 I was disappointed when so many young African American players admitted they had no idea who Jackie Robinson was on the 50th anniversary of his arrival.
    How would you characterize your awareness of baseball history? Are you simply aware of the recent past, or, for example, are you aware of things like it was Pirate ownership that invented the World Series? Things like that.

  22. Daniel Moskos

    Orie- Not nitpicking at all, and I think by established he meant successful like the Red Sox or Yankees. That really shocks me that they didn’t know who Jackie Robinson was, I mean how can you not. Hmmm, my knowledge of baseball history is pretty good; however, I did not know that fact about the Pirates. I do know alot of history though.

  23. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    I’m not from williamsport i live in pittsburgh, my moms from there so i have alot of family there so they hooked me up with the cutters and i liked it, it was fun alot different than PNC Park though. I’ve only played williamsport country club which is an amzing course. The little league world series is one of the best sporting events ive attented, I’ve gone since i was a kid and i like it alot because its free and everything they sell is cheap and the kids make plays that are mindblowing. Do you watch the llws when its playing and considering you were most likely on a little league team did you ever get close to making it to williaimsport?

  24. orrington

    What can I say? My skin goes cold when some posters use the last 16 years to characterize the impact of the Bucs on ML baseball. We are a storied franchise, regardless of McLatcheys ineptness and greed.
    Anyway, Im delighted you know the origins of the institution you are now a part of. As for Barney Dreyfuss, the man who invented the World Series, he was a great man and a recent Hall of Fame inductee. Like Jackie Robinson, he dealt with intense bigotry. If you are ever bored, you might wanna read up on him. Heckuva guy.

  25. Daniel Moskos

    Orie- I’m definitely going to do that. I mean come on he created the world series. And it is sad that people don’t know the history of a team like the Pirates.

    Clarke- I always watch the LLWS, it reminds me of when I was just a little kid. Oh great times. No never really too close. That would have been awesome to go though. How do you like living in Pittsburgh? Seeing as that could end up being a final destination for me.

  26. Daniel Moskos

    Pirate- I am a fan of all of the above. NBA being my least favorite though. Favorite NHL team would be the San Jose Sharks, followed closely by the Pens. I would have to say the Pens will end up being my favorite. I am such a homer. NFL team would be the Falcons, I don’t think I have to explain that one. What about for yourself?

  27. jdom

    Well I am a burgh native and as my name states i really just love the Steelers and Pens and Pirates my life pretty much revolves around them Nba also my least favorite and i dont really have a faveorit team i just like to see players like james and bryant have monster games

  28. jdom

    I am just glad i have 3 great teams to cheer for The steelers one of the most storied franchises inthe NFL the Pens with such great young talent an same for the pirates with the great young guys the pirates have i really see a bright future

  29. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    Pittsburgh is the great, out of everywhere I’ve travled I’ve never seen anything that resmebles Pittsburgh. The neighborhoods are all divivded up culturally still kind of which is nice cuz each one is unique. Theres always stuff to do especially if you like sports and the weather isnt as bad as people say you get the best of both worlds, you get the hotter than hell days in the summer and the cold snowy days in the winter which makes you appreciate both seasons haha idk i like it and i can see myself living here after im done with college and all that just because its so different than everywhere else ive been.

  30. Daniel Moskos

    Pirates- There is no doubt about the superstars of NBA like James and Bryant, and my personal favorite, Chris Paul. They really take games over. I love the Steelers, always have. My dad is a huge Steelers fan, me and him are planning a road trip for next season to go see them play. What kind of superhero I have to ask?

    Clarke- All of the info is greatly appreciated. I just really don’t like cold weather. That is what really worries me. Everything else sounds great though.

  31. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    You get used to the cold and once that happens it’s not that bad, it just makes you appreciate summer more ya know. Speaking of superhero stuff, Ironman was a better movie than batman and Ironman could take down batman anyday so Ironman is the best superhero.

  32. Daniel Moskos

    HMMMMMMMM good question. I really liked the movie Ironman, but I don’t know much about the comic book character. Don’t really follow comics too much. Sorry.

    Clarke- The problem is that if I am living in Pittsburgh, come December I am going to need to be outside throwing and running. I agree with you on Ironman. I also really like the Dark Knight though.

  33. jdom

    superhero movie wise Dark Knight was a great movie with the Joker and all but actor and story wise Ironman is better

  34. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    Theres alot of indoor places here to play sports in the winter, idk though you could always go down south for the winter.

  35. sunfun1

    Daniel, sorry if this question has been asked and answered.. I’m sure you’ve heard the reports of Kris Benson’s “all of a sudden” ailing arm in 2003 when the club was broke and needed to dump salary to pay bills because ownership wouldn’t infuse any additional cash, or so it goes. But the fact remains, Benson became hurt at the last second and Aramis Ramirez was the one shot out the door. I understand the Weiters issue will be in the fans minds for years but I’m wondering if you are feeling any additional pressure as the Tiger’s top pick in this org since Benson days knowing Kris’ problems here and Leggett’s good name? Here’s hoping for a speedy fastball, Jake

  36. Daniel Moskos

    Pirate- I honestly like everything when it comes to music. I have 2 full ipods. Everything from country to rap, from jam to metal.

    Clarke- I know they have indoor places. What if you have a dog? I don’t know, it just seems like if I wanted all that snow in the winter then I would use it to ski and stuff. It has really been cold everywhere this winter.

    Jake honestly I don’t pressure myself to live up to other’s expectations. This game puts enough pressure on you as is, why would I want to add more on top of that. However, I am ultra competitive and hate to lose, so I do put alot of pressure on myself. Hope that answers your question.

  37. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    I hate skiing i tried it once and its the worst, I have a dog and he loves the snow and walking him in it kinda sucks, so sometimes he just gets put in the backyard instead of being walked around the block, and it’s snowing today in atlanta this weather is ridiculous

  38. Daniel Moskos

    clarke- Thats a bummer man, skiing is pretty fun. Well as long as the dog can tolerate the cold weather. This weather is rediculous, why is it snowing everywhere?

    Shamtown- I prefer the rotation, but will do whatever it takes.

  39. falseaccount@yahoo.com

    Yes! Vonnegut is my favorite too! I’m also a huge fan of audio books, there is nothing better for a long trip of driving than an audio book.
    Orrington, I liked that one, but Breakfast of Champions is my favorite.
    Thanks for keeping up with all of these random questions, Daniel.

  40. dan@thejr.net

    I had the chance to live in Charleston SC for the summer and fall and I must say it was quite nice. So do you prefer IOP, Sullivan’s or Folly? I wasn’t quite aware of the magnitude of the Clemson USC rivalry until I got down there, have you gotten to go up against former Gamecock Steve Pearce yet?

  41. Daniel Moskos

    Brian- Roberto Clemente definitely takes the cake.

    False Account- That is awesome. Breakfast of cchampions was awesome. You should really check out Armageddon In retrospect. Great read.

    Dan- Charleston is awesome, I would love to live there permanently. All of those places are great, childhood memories gives the award to Folly. I have not since I was drafted, but I did face him in college. The rivalry is nutso, one of the best around.

    Julia- Thank you, I guess that’s an honor.

  42. isingg30

    Hey Dan.

    I saw in a previous response that you like pretty much all types of music. Being a country music fan and seeing that country was one of the ones that you mentioned, I was curious who some of your favorite country artists are?

    So why do you like Chris Paul so much? I’m not blaming you for it, because I agree with you on that one. He’s one of the main reasons why I ever watch the NBA and the reason why the Hornets are my favorite team. Just curious to see your reasons.

  43. aso513

    I was wondering if you remember facing any of your current pirate farmhands in college and how did you fare against them? Also how was day one of spring training?

  44. orrington

    So? We’re all waiting with baited breath, and believe me, the hook is painful. How was your 1st day of spring training?

  45. Daniel Moskos

    Ising- As far as country music goes, I really like Brad Paisley and Rodney Atkins. There are also several others, but those would be my favorites as of now. Chris Paul plays a complete game. He dishes the ball, he scores, he plays really good defense. I just think he is the total package.

    ASO- I honestly have not faced any of the players in the Pirates Organization. Day one of spring training was great, nothing better than putting the uniform on again.

    Orie- Day one was great, I threw a bullpen, conditioned, and we had a few meetings. Nothing abnormal, but it is great to be up and running again.

  46. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    Nate Robinson is the only reason to watch the NBA, college basketball is so much better though.

  47. falseaccount@yahoo.com

    I didn’t realize that was published. I might have to actually buy that one (instead of get it at the library). I’m guessing it’s very powerful. He has a way, like Twain did, of simplifying concepts to make very powerful statements. And the fact that he endured what he did in Dresden adds some serious weight to his commentary. That is now my next book to read. Thanks for the recommendation.

  48. bbauchman@semprautilities.com

    Hi Daniel, here’s a ? for you. Do you remember the game against Alta Loma when you came in to pitch and your dad didn’t want to umpire with you on the mound. I took over and Mike was catching. He picked Matt Smith off second, I called him out after a rundown and then their coaches and players started yelling at me about interference? Then, I told the coaches to ” tell those little bast***** to shut up!” I still get asked about that game! Good Times! Mike says hello. How’s the sister? Shoot for starter, thats where the glory is!

  49. pastor2uth

    Dan –
    wahoowa, wahoowa, uni-v virginia
    hoo-rah ray, hoo-rah ray
    hey hey UVA!!!
    Good luck tonight. Don’t let us lowly Hoos sweep your tigers. 🙂

  50. Daniel Moskos

    Clarke- Nate Robinson is pretty exciting to watch, but he is not the only reason. I would agree that college basketball is better though, much more passion and emotion.

    False- I would call it a must read. It is very powerful, and not lacking in substance. He really does have a way of simplifying his concepts. Until now, I didn’t have another author to compare him to, but Twain will do. Any other authors that you would reccomend?

    Bauchmans- I do remember that game. It was crazy. That’s funny that you still remember it though. My sister is doing well. She plays soccer at the University of Arkansas. Starter is what I am shooting for, hopefully it works out.

    Pastor- No chance for the Hoos on senior night at Littlejohn. The Tigers looked good tonight. Very encouraging.

  51. Daniel Moskos

    Orie I bet you would be a Vonnegut fan. Your sense of humore seems to drift that way. What other authors do you enjoy reading?

  52. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    Nate Robinson was amazing in the dunk contest just because he is…uh…vertically challenged, just in case he reads this im not calling him short, even though Rudy thru down some sick dunks and shoulda made the finals over Howard but thats just my opinion. I’d personally watch march madness over NBA playoffs anyday i hate the NBA because they don’t play D. BIG PENS WIN TONIGHT!

  53. clarkefrischman2000@yahoo.com

    Nate Robinson is just flat out amazing, the fact that he can dunk and play the way he plays even though he is only 5’6. I’d watch march madness over any NBA game cuz i hate how they don’t play D in the NBA. BIG PENS/BUCS win today.

  54. shamtown

    I love KVG, his sense of humor in writing is great. I love stream of consciousness authors in general though.

    How did your physical go?

  55. falseaccount@yahoo.com

    Orrington – I’m not suggesting he’s at the same level as a writer, but Vonnegut clearly tried to step into the mantle of Twain as he got older. Trying to use his wit and station to act as the nation’s consciousness. While he may not have admitted or thought so himself, I still believe that it’s true.
    This is my all-time favorite Twain short story, though I’m hardly an expert on his works. http://www.ruby-sapphire.com/war_prayer.htm
    I don’t know that I have any other favorite authors on that level. I tend to read a lot of Sci-fi, which is really hit-or-miss. Recently I’ve read more non-fiction. I just finished “Blind Side” by the guy who wrote “Moneyball.” It’s about Michael Oher, the left-tackle for Ole Miss who should be drafted in the first round in April. Unbelievable story.
    Back to listening to the big club on the internet.
    You’ll have to let us know how different the Minor League camp is than the Major League camp. I’m going to guess that the vast majority of us have NO idea what goes on there.

  56. Daniel Moskos

    Clarke- Nate was flat out amazing in the slam dunk contest imo. However, I really don’t think that he could have done the dunk that Howard did. Yes he is well vertically challenged, but he is an exciting player to watch. NBA just doesn’t compare to college basketball.

  57. Daniel Moskos

    Shamtown- I couldn’t agree with you more about Kurt. Physical went very well. I am completely healthy, my strength is good, my body fat is low. I passed my conditioning test, I have a 33 inch vertical leap, and i did the I drill in 4.4 seconds. I do have flexibility issues though.

    Orrington- I will check him out. Who does he compare to?

    Dave- I will read the Twain story and get back to you. I don’t do much sci fi reading, but I do enjoy non-fiction though. I heard about that, supposed to be an amazing story. Heartwrenching if I am not mistaken. This year the two camps are supposed to be quite simnilar. With the same theories and practices being applied. Last year it was very different primarily pertaining to the workouts, the theories, and intensity.

  58. shamtown

    If the Pirates keep winning I’m going to get optimistic.

    Did you have a chance to check out the Penguins “move” today? Can’t say I’m too happy with Guerin. He’s a marginal step up from Satan in my opinion. I’m not totally sure if we kept up. I don’t think Guerin is that one piece that really makes us much better than anyone else.

  59. pastor2uth

    Congrats on the win last night. This has been the worst season of UVa basketball i can remember. I am pulling for your boys, i really like purnell. Can’t stand your boy oglesby though. 🙂 At least the Hoos are 8-0 on the diamond. Watch out for these guys this year. They appear to be loaded. Which former UVa players did you have the toughest time facing while at Clemson?

    Also, I am really rooting for you brother, every one knows your story and path to the bucs and I am very impressed with the way you as an individual have handled everything. You deserve nothing but our total support.

  60. Daniel Moskos

    Shamtown- I know, the Pirates are playing really good baseball right now. But I am always optimistic. I didn’t really understand the move either. It is basically a no-impact type move. however, the Penguins are starting to get hot at the right time.

    Pastor- That was a good win for Clemson. get some confidence goin after dropping 2 straight. I really like Purnell, I think that he is a great coach, but I don’t know that much about it. Wow that’s a good start for them. Clemson was 1 strike away from a no hitter and wound up going 14 innings and losing to Furman. I am somewhat out of the loop in college baseball this year, but Virginia usually has a good club. The toughest guy for me was Miclat. I swear he was like 5-5 against me, and he might not have hit a ball out of the infield. Well thank you for the kind words, I am looking to be a part of the Bucs future. A future that re-establishes the tradition of winning.

  61. orrington

    Tough to pin Charyn down, Danny, but if you like Doctorow you might want to start with Charyn’s latest, Johnny One Eye.

  62. Daniel Moskos

    Orrington- I will take your word for it. I will have to check him out.

    Pirate- That was pretty much dominating. The last 8 minutes of that game, Marquette was just over matched. Blair showed again why he is probably the best big man in the game

  63. john.p.madden@navy.mil

    Daniel: Sorry….have to lighten up this thread. What advise would you give to a young Div. 1 pitcher who gets caught doing something goofy at a local bar the week before a crucial weekend series (say….FSU), gets caught, and as a result sets the school record for the number of pole-to-poles he was forced to run by his coach? Tell your Dad he owes me a few beers at the Esso or a ride in his boat. P.S. You still owe Berkie for rescuing you from the wrath of Jack. 🙂 Maddog

  64. Daniel Moskos

    Hey Maddog- I actually got in trouble a month before that. It just so happened that a reporter brought it up right before the FSU weekend. I think I do owe him, I couldn’t have made it another day of funning those poles. my dad always owes you beers, hahahaha, I am sure he would take you up on that boat ride though

  65. orrington

    Hey Dan, hope things are going well.
    Idea for a blog, or if youd prefer, a simple response: We always hear nightmarish tales about life on the road in the lower minors.
    So whats it really like? The transportation, the motels, the food, the small towns, the crazy promotions, etc?
    (Id ask about the women but youd probably wanna steer farther away from that than the steroid question).
    There was a great book a few years ago about the Fargo club in the Northern league that Bill Murray is part owner of. Wonder if youve read it and have had a common experience.

  66. Daniel Moskos

    Orie- I will save that for a full blog post. That way I can get in depth. And there are no other girls for me. Sorry no juicy stories.

  67. orrington

    Yeah, regarding the girls, thats what I figured 🙂
    Y’know what? Good for you.
    I look forward to hearing about the rest of the experience, though.
    As far as juicy stories go… you have teammates, dont ya? A story doesnt have to come with names 🙂

  68. orrington

    Oh, almost forgot. The book is called Slouching Toward Fargo. Its hilarious and I think you, and the other baseball fans here, would love it.

  69. Daniel Moskos

    I have never heard of it, I will have to ask around to see if my buddies have read it. I will see what kind of stories I can dig up. I am not making any promises though

  70. shamtown

    This lady I work with went on vacation to Florida and apparently went to Pirates camp because she brought me a sweet autographed ball. I can tell McClouth, Capps, Shelby Ford, Luis Cruz, and Sean Burnett for sure. I am also pretty sure she must have run into Prince at Pirates camp because it looks like he signed the ball as well. Pretty sweet when going somewhere to do mundane, medial tasks turns out to be pretty awesome!

    Anyway that brings me to my question, do you guys work on your signatures? Do you sometimes purposely sign them so no one can tell who signed it, or is it just because you are signing so much that you do whats quick? I collect Pittsburgh sports autographs and have always wondered this.

  71. Daniel Moskos

    Shamtown- That is pretty cool that she would bring you back an autographed ball, yo must have good co-workers. As for our signatures, I think that signing for fans is our practice. I know that I don’t sit at home and practice, but I probably should. My handwriting is below average at best, I try to write too fast. Believe it or not, Moskos is a really tough name to sign as an autograph. The O’s connecting to the S’s is where it gets me. I think the tough to read signatures is why most players put their numbers by their autograph.

  72. orrington

    Worst autograph I ever saw was Tom Seaver’s. If you didnt know it was his, you could look at it from now til the end of the world and not have a clue.

  73. Daniel Moskos

    Orrington- HAhahahhahah that is hilarious, I am sure people have said the same about mine though.

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