1. aso513

    I am gonna give you another shot, even though I never lost faith. You really have won over fans with this blog. You, Lincoln, and Watson will make for a great season to be a curve fan. I just hope you three push each other because there would be nothing better than to see you start your winning ways in AA and transfer it up to the big league club. I have a sneaky feeling that from 2010 on the bucs will be in very good shape. To go to PNC Park and watch meaningful baseball in late September would be electric. That stadium deserves the teams that you will be a part of. Go Bucs. I can tell you wanna be here an change the culture go get em D MO!

  2. shamtown

    Nice interview. Like I said in my very first comment here I don’t know how any reasonable person could blame you, or even be mad at you over the Wieters saga. You’ve been a standup guy and you’re no slouch as a pitcher, I think people tend to let the Wieters thing be the end all when it comes to you. Keep everything up though. Eventually the haters will eat crow.

  3. Daniel Moskos

    Aso- Thanks for the kind words, they really mean alot. I am hopin for the same as you with that rotation. If you had Mike Crotta and Jared Hughes to that mix, we have a pretty good looking rotation potentially. I believe that winning should start in double A. PNC park would be just about the best place to watch postseason baseball, the fans in Pittsburgh are really great. I definitely want to be a part of the Pirates future plans, that is what I am here for.

    Shamtown- I also never understood why people used that as a reason not to like me. I understand if you didn’t like the selection, or didn’t like Dave Littlefield because of it. But it isn’t like I was out there petitioning to be the 4th pick. I just go out and play the game of baseball, that’s what I have always done.

    Thanks Julia, I hope you are are right.

  4. orrington

    Terrific exchange from two guys just starting their careers in baseball. Gotta wonder how many times your paths will cross in the next 20 years.
    I also admire your courage in openly admitting that Man On Fire is your favorite movie.
    A brief serious note; you mentioned you left school without a degree. This has long been an issue for student-athletes and elaborating on this, as someone who lived through it, might make an interesting blog.

  5. Daniel Moskos

    Orrington- I’m sure we will cross paths several times, and I am sure everybody will be watching when we do. Man on Fire is a great movie, enough said, hahahah. I might have to make it a post. What would be some things that you would be interested in hearing about in regard to the not having a degree?

  6. juliasrants

    Daniel – I’d like to know if you plan on going back to get your degree. If – God forbid – something happens and your career were to end tomorrow, what are you prepared to do? Especially in such a tough economy. Thanks for taking time to talk to us fans! Okay – I’ll admit, I am a Red Sox fan blogger, but I enjoy learning about players around the league – I hope that’s okay with you.


  7. orrington

    Well, being a student athlete at your level was almost like having a full time job while attending college, I would imagine. What were your priorities? Did they waffle? What pressures were placed on you, if any, by your coaches, their personal priority being a trip to the College World Series. Did Clemson make things easier for their star athletes? Did the school have a commitment to your education (some just dont). What of those who were not Moskos level quality? Did they get shafted, leaving without a diploma and a ML career? Was the alumni helpful with a wink and a nod? Were your professors willing to offer an academic leniency that other students might not have enjoyed, and were they embarrassed when they discovered that Man on Fire was your favorite movie? Bottom line: in your heart, if Heaven forbid you were very seriously injured in your senior year, would you have left the school prepared to be successful in a non baseball career?

  8. Daniel Moskos

    Julia- Fortunately for me I only have 1 year left to graduate, and the Pirates gave me 3 semesters worth of school money. So I would have that paid for. I was a very good student while I was at school. So I believe that I would be able to find a job. For now I will keeo my fingers crossed.

    Orrington- Oh I see. My priorities were school first, then baseball. I have always been a good student. I graduated high school with a 4.2 gpa, and had a 3.6 gpa while in college. Our coach was actually a very education driven coach. Running for missing classes, not being allowed to live off campus if your grades were poor. We also had mandatory study hall sessions during the off season. No they did nothing to help us, other than to have early registration so that we made sure we got the classes we needed at the times we needed them. Hahahah, no they did not use preferential treatment Orie. Oh enough with the man on fire nonsense. Its a really good movie, and I am sure you would enjoy my dvd collection. I would have no doubt in my mind been able to have a successful career, even if baseball didn’t exist. I am a hard worker and do not like to fail.

  9. ucimkele

    Great interview Daniel. You said that you were a health science major. There are many different directions you can go in health science, I am a Medical Technologist, what made you want to pick that particular major in college? Believe me, I know how hard a science degree is, esp with all of the labs, papers, and math involved!

  10. Daniel Moskos

    UCI- Oh very cool. I was in pre-professional health science, which would have led me to med school. After a year and a half I decided that I absolutely did not want to go to school for 8 years. I also had 2 roommates who were business majors and helped them with their studying. I borrowed a few of their books from time to time and just read some of the chapters. Found it to be really interesting, so I changed from pre-professional health science, and picked up a minor in business. So my official title was Health Administration. I used to get really upset because my major was difficult, and there were quite a few easier majors out there.

  11. orrington

    Hey, Dan, thanks for that answer. And wow, what detail. So, again, thanks. And good for Clemson!
    Enjoy your folks 🙂

  12. ucimkele

    I know exactly what you mean about how difficult your major was. I used to really get discouraged from time to time because it seemed that all I did was study and write papers while my friends who were seeking degrees in business were done by early afternoon and partying, having fun while I had to attend labs and then go home and study. But the hard work paid off, I have a good paying job and job security while some of them either can’t find work or have lost their jobs. The good thing is now I only have to work 3 days a week, so that means I can go to more baseball games!

  13. Daniel Moskos

    You are welcome as always Orie, and thank you.

    Uci- Hard work always pays off, there is no doubt about that. While I would never wish that upon anybody, losing their job. But I am glad that the hard work paid off for you.

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