off-season training

i would like to start this post off by apologizing to jpbucco, my comment was unnecessary. however you have to understand that for someone who works as hard as i do that it really upsets me when people put so much value in a rumor that they hear through the grapevine.

so i hope you accept my apology jp.

this incident actually inspires my next post on here. i think its a pretty good topic, so you know what the offseason of a minor league baseball player is.

ok so i spent this offseason in charleston, south carolina. which is a great city, and is only 2 hours from where my parents live in chapin, south carolina.  i was there because my girlfriend lives there and is attending the medical university. another reason i was there was because my grandfather lives there and his wife, my grandmother, of 42 years passed away this year, towards the end of the season. so i was there to keep him company and keep his mind off things.

while i was in charleston i was able to find a personal trainer. his name is brian devlin and he is a genius in terms of neuro muscular efficiency. to put it simply he killed me for three months. if you go to his website there is acutally a video of some training clips on the front page.  the wheel of death is the first thing shown and its shown at the end of an hour long workout. i would also like to note that i finished by purging myself in the nearby bushes, which was not a rarity this offseason.  the video clips help so much because we were able to identify weaknesses in my body and atttack them.

as far as my throwing a conditioning went, i threw with a catcher at bishop england high and ran in the field and through the town that it was in. the catcher is actually signed to go play baseball at the university of south carolina, so you can imagaine how we got along. im just kidding, he was very nice.

well thats it for this post, as always comments and questions are appreciated

until later

tv shows

ok everyone,


that first post seemed to be a success. i am overwhelmed with my following thus far.  big day in college basketball. unc got taken down today, which if im not mistaken puts clemson in a tie for the lead in their division. played a round of golf today with matt capps, mike felix, and jimmy barthmaier out at legacy country club. its really a beautiful course. i threw a bullpen on friday, it was 45 pitches and im really starting to feel good. i cant wait for the season to be here.



ok now on to the topic of this post, which is upon request.


tv is a big part of the life of a minor league baseball player, and i am no exception to rule.

i am going to stick with current tv shows, and i dont know if i will be able to keep it in a top 5 format.

1. heroes/ 24

2. prison break

3. lost

4. dexter

5. weeds


others that were very close to the top 5 would be family guy, the simpsons, sportscenter, and baseball tonight. although i thought it would be unfair to include the sports programs because i have some bias.


let me know what you guys think, i love the input.


the interaction is what makes this whole idea great

inaugural post

hey everyone,


ok so this post officially kicks off the daniel moskos blog. spring training is just around the corner for me, big league camp has already started and the baseball buzz is in the air. i personally cant wait for the spring to start, anything mroe than 3 months away from baseball is too much for me.

due to the fact that i reside in bradenton i do not have to stay in the dorms during spring training, and this spring i actually have a roommate. his name is jimmy barthmaier, im sure you all know who he is. he is a really good guy. 

now on to the blog. i think we are gonna have some fun with this. everyone can ask me questions, and it isnt gonna be strictly about baseball.  if anybody sees a new movie, new tv show, new video game. anything that interests you guys and girls.

i hope we can make this really cool and interactive, i encourage participation from everybody, as i will try to get to everyones comments and questions. i only have one rule and that is to be respectful with the language you use, and to be respectful to me. i am doing this because i thought it would be something that would be a great experience and fun for all of us. as well as giving fans a chance to get to know me and the life of a minor league pitcher.

so thats it for the first post, im off to the field to throw a bullpen, run, and workout.


until later